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  1. Hello, I have a question for anyone who is in, or familiar with OKCU's Bachelors to BSN program. I am having a hard time getting a straight-forward answer about the cost of tuition and University expenses to attend the accelerated program (Sping 2009-2010.) I am moving from out of state and also wondering where to rent and what I should expect to pay for a safe and clean/ quiet place. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.:heartbeat
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  3. by   NICUplease
    I know that for the RN-BSN track the tuition is about $17,000. This school is going to be a little more expensive than OU but I hear good things about it. My family just moved to OK from CA in June and we were able to find a nice 2 bdrm apt in Moore for $750... but it's one of the nicer apts. When we were looking around, we saw apts anywhere from $500+. I think Moore is about 20 min away from OCU so you may want to find something closer... if I recall OCU is off of I-35... Please correct me if I am wrong folks.
  4. by   Katy-NursingStudent
    Your better off going to OU. Better program and alot cheaper, ALOT.
  5. by   spirited1
    Hi, I'm new to this site and as I was doing searches I stumbled across this post. I was heavily considering OCU's Bachelors to BSN program. I was wondering Katy-Nursing Student, why you OU offers a better program?