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Has anyone heard anything about Kramer school of nursing? I'm attending this fall but I'm worried because I've heard that they are pretty adamant about booting the students they think may hurt... Read More

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    Just a thought for everyone: If you do your research on any school with high NCLEX pass rates, then you will find that those schools do "weed out," as you call it, a significant portion of their students. Both lpn and rn schools I've attended lost somewhere in the neighborhood of 50-70% of students throughout the program for different reasons (failure, couldn't make the time commitment, changed major, etc.). My point is that it's not unusual, and I doubt you can escape it by simply going elsewhere.
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    After reading this post, I'm officially scared.
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    Don't be scared...the instructors and your fellow students will smell the fear. It just takes a true commitment to make it through. You can't have the mindset that your family will come first or that work comes first...or you won't make it. The mindset must be I will do what I have to in order to get through this. It should also be to spend all of your spare time preparing, studying, reading. Some like to "go out" on the weekends--they are not the people you want to spend your time with or become one of. Some of them may make it despite their higher commitment to "fun," but mostly they will be the ones with complaints and fear of not passing. Just stick to your purpose in being there and do all you can to learn all that you can. Don't be someone who puts forth the least time or effort to pass.
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    I will be graduating in May (2010) and have been very happy with Kramer School of Nursing. The reason they can accept everyone who qualifies is the cost--not everyone can afford it, but I figure it's worth it not to be on a waiting list and losing out on my nursing salary for another year. In my class we started with around 40 students and have lost about five or six. Some people just can't handle the amount of reading and the tough tests. I don't get the feeling they are trying to weed us out. The professors really do care. They want us to pass the NCLEX and be good nurses. Yes, the Dean is strict, but she has done amazing things for the school since she came here. I'm really proud to be an OCU alum (someday). The nursing school is the best in the state, and probably in this region of the country. I hope I can come back for my master's degree here.
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    Just wondering about the diversity of the school and Oklahoma in general? Im from Michigan and we have all kinds of people here, especially at my current school there are plenty of foreign/international students. I know the majority are white but are there any asians, hispanics, blacks, etc?
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    Quote from starmickey03
    Just wondering about the diversity of the school and Oklahoma in general? Im from Michigan and we have all kinds of people here, especially at my current school there are plenty of foreign/international students. I know the majority are white but are there any asians, hispanics, blacks, etc?

    yes........ very multicultural around here dear.....
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    If you want diversity, its definitely at OCU and at Kramer. I was reading some of the other posts and am suprized at how untrue they are. 65 grand is not true, unless you are repeating allot courses, also with the amount of scholarships they give, it comes down allot. Im a guy so I got some huge scholarships as well (to help get the minority into nursing). Im in the B to BSN and the shool definitly does not weed people out in our program, the teachers are awesome, the dean is involved, they want you to succede, and they are willing to help you all the way through. Maybe something changed since those posts were made, I dont know. Keep in mind that Kramer does give a holistic teaching approach, you dont only learn what a nurse does (IV, shots ect...) you also get a big picture of nursing and how to succeed as a nurse. Even though your paycheck may not reflect you went to Kramer, you still get what you pay for (including premium clinical spots), and it will be well worth it down the road. It is more expensive, but if its 25,000 more than a adn program, Its worth it especially if youre making peanuts while you wait to get into another school. By the way, every ADN and LPN Ive met during clinical wants to move up to a BSN or RN respectivley.
    This got to long
    anyway best of luck to whatever you decide.
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    There is no such thing as "premium clinical slots".
    I'm sorry, there isn't.
    What one person considers to be "the best" isn't necessarily what another does.
    I am a proud graduate of OCCC's nursing program. My ICU rotation would rival anyone's. My OB rotation would knock your socks off. And I can say the same for Med/Surg and Psych.

    I do want to go back to school to receive my bachelor's degree only because I want to get my master's. You do not make any more money as a new grad between ADN or BSN. We pass the same NCLEX. And you should hear what the Nursing Managers of hospital units say about graduates to make up your mind. A nursing degree from one school isn't always the equivalent of another.

    I chose OCCC because I was poor and a mother and I needed a flexible school schedule. Our NCLEX pass rate is awesome. Yes, we did weed out a LOT of people before we got to our graduating class. All schools do this. Just because you apply and get in, does NOT mean that nursing is for you.

    I have seen nurses who were great students absolutely fall apart and fail on the floor. We need the weed-out process; honestly, it's not harsh enough.

    Ask around. Get your information from past graduates and from people in the field. All area hospitals have students. There is a difference. Look at hospital policies and school policies. Get your information from a wide variety of sources before you make up your mind and then, go for it.

    Because if you really want it and you believe this is what you were meant to do, then absolutely nothing will stand in your way.
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    Your right Tiger.
    I should have typed premium education, I cant compare it to anybody elses, I havnt been in their shoes. But I will say that nurses at clinicals constantly tell us how much better we were than the last group, and how much more confident we are than groups from other schools, I feel that is a reflection of premium education. This doesnt mean that anybody from other schools doesnt know what they are doing and it doesnt mean that the nurses dont say that to everybody, it just means that some of the nurses have observed and voiced that we are more confident and know our stuff well. Either way, if I had to do it all over again at Kramer I would. I cant say that about my other undergratuate coursework at other universities.

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