OCCC Spring 2014 Applicants

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    I have been checking this board consistently over the past couple of weeks hoping that someone would have started a thread for this spring's admission, but haven't found one yet! Are we slacking, or am I the only one here?!
    Anyways, I turned in my application last Friday with 18 points and was curious to see where everyone else stands.
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    Glad you finally started a board! I have been checking too. I still have not turned in my application. Right now I have 17 points and 3.5 GPA. I am going to try to retake my math a couple of times to try to pass it to get 19 points. I will feel better with 19, but am hoping that 17 will work if I don't pass. Did you take the math portion? Any suggestions if you did?
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    17 points sounds great! But I understand wanting to feel as comfortable as possible! Yes, I took the math portion a year and a half ago when I enrolled at OCCC. At the time I didn't know that it would have any relevance on my nursing application in the future, so I didn't put much pressure on it. In fact, I didn't know I would be taking it at the time and didn't study at all. When did you take it last? Have you taken college algebra since then? If so I would expect it to come much easier at this point. Good luck though!
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    I too am getting ready to turn in my application. Right now I am sitting at 17 points and 3.5 gpa. I have tried taking the math test 3 different times and I keep missing it by one question! I had decided to forget it and move forward with my app, but now I am not to sure?? I have heard that if you aim for 17 points, you are sitting pretty well. But after talking with a few others who are applying, I am beginning to think that having the extra 2 points might become a necessity. Thoughts?
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    Double post....
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    I turned my application in today and I've been reading through all the previous threads to see what the cut off was last year for Spring 2013. It looks like everyone with a 17 was accepted. Any thoughts on this? Also, I am a little confused for the college sciences, Nutrition counts as a class right? I hope so because that would put me at 18!
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    From what I've followed as well, I've come to the same conclusion. It seems pretty typical that 17 points seems to be the cutoff. So I'm hoping this year follows that same trend, if so it looks like we are pretty good to go so far!
    And yes, Nutrition does count as one of the sciences!
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    Applications are due this Friday, and other applicants on this board?!
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    Wow...not many of us...well I do have a confession. I have already called and emailed (lol) to get a timeline. I was hoping we would know by early to mid October.
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    Haha! You're awesome! My wedding anniversary is over fall break, so I'm crossing my fingers we hear back before then! I did receive an email a couple days back stating my application has been received, and that nothing will be processed until the due date. then to allow 3-5 weeks for processing. Ugh! That seems like a lifetime of waiting for something like this!
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