OCCC Nursing Program for Spring 2013 - page 4

Just turned in my application...now for the waiting:confused: I only had 17pts, was wondering what everyone else had?... Read More

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    Spelling error If* lol

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    I am excited to see if he lets you know!
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    Still no reply Someone else should email the same question lol I'm so impatient!
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    I emailed as well...disguised my question about the cutoff with another question in hopes of an answer....Got the answer to the background question but NOTHING on when and what the cutoff was and when we would know.
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    Omg I think I am going to go crazy with this wait let's Just hope Friday is our day!!!
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    Has anyone heard anything new?
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    Hello! I'm checking my e-mail 2x a day. I put my application in with 16 points and a 3.1 GPA. We'll see. It's killing me. I haven't started the immunizations yet either! Gotta get the Hep B started for sure. Oh I wish they would hurry up!
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    I emailed again to see when we should know and he replied..."It could be up to 6 weeks after the September 14th deadline. *It will probably be sooner than 6 weeks, but don't begin to worry if you don't hear anything before then.". I wish they could just give me a day lol
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    OMG!!! Six weeks are you kidding me?!?! I was praying it would be Friday or sometime next week😱bummer!!!
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    I know!!!!! This wait is too much!

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