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Just turned in my application...now for the waiting:confused: I only had 17pts, was wondering what everyone else had?... Read More

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    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! That was awesome! But now every time I hear those songs I'm going to be thinking the same thing!!! Haha lmbo Yes application man please hurry and give us something to be thankful for in this lovely month of November
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    I called the nursing division this morning to see if alternates can attend the orientation. She told me that being alternate 2 I should plan on being there! That's a step in the right direction I was really worried about missing it!
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    I called too and was told to go and bring a binder, tabs, and highlighter. I just wish something would happen already. What if this is the first time everyone who got in attends and doesn't drop? Yikes! I'm trying not to be pessimistic but it's hard. Anyways, I will be at orientation as well.
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    Awesome we should meet up! I am getting very worried toooo!! Why haven't we got called when I look through other threads the alternates knew by now!!! I need to know I hate having my life up in the air! A yes or no please!!
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    Yes look for me fore sure. I'll look for you as well. The application guy told me that by now usually he has called at LEAST alternate number 3. But we haven't heard a peep. But everyone has to have their stuff (shots, background, insurance) in by November 30th, so maybe after that date we will see some drops. Also he told me that he has seen people literally quit after going to orientation, like leaving in the middle of it. He said we might find out while we are there! I hope so. I was hoping to hear by thanksgiving but it may be December. I'm going to go ahead and enroll in Microbiology and statistics. But I can drop once the call comes. I agree, I need to figure out a childcare schedule for next semester and it's hard when you aren't sure what that schedule will be. I'm so glad I at least know who #2 is. Once you get the call you have to post it! Then I will really be on pins and needles! lol!
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    Omg that worries me even more that he said that!! with everyone being so positive I have been planning on getting in but now I am really not that optimistic about it! that would relieve so much stress if we found out on orientation...I too need to make daycare and financial plans soooon I am freakin out! I will most definently post as I'm on the phone call if and when they call!!! I wish we knew who alternate 1 was.
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    If your taking micro I wanted to recommend professor ***** she is amazing!
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    I emailed admissions today to see if alternate 1 had been called and he said that he did call alternate one but he just doesn't have people declining like previous semesters!! Grrr just my luck the only semester that people don't decline I get alternate number 2! I hate this!
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    That's what I'm worried about too. But the good news is you're next! It's a long way until January 22nd and anyways, I think they may hold spots for current students who maybe won't make it to NPII but if they do end up making it and moving on, then those spots will go to us. Don't loose hope! I had a dream last night that you posted you got the call! I was so happy because it meant I was next lol!! That's how much i've been thinking about this! I need to relax but it's hard. You are next and that's very good news for both of us.
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    Thanks for being so optimistic... Im freakin out at this point so it's good to hear positivity lol! I really hope your right about them holding spots for NPII students! This crazy long wait can make people go completely crazy

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