OCCC Fall 10 application question!

  1. Does anyone know if you took all your pre-req's at OCCC do you still have to turn in your transcript with your application? I'm sure I could call records and find out but I also wanted to put feelers out to see if anyone else was applying for the Fall 2010 program! I'm so excited I can barely stand myself and I have no idea how I'm gonna wait until May or June (no idea when letters go out!!) to make sure I got in!

    Also, any advice from any recent OCCC nursing students as far as the application process (or anything else you'd like to share)? So funny, I feel like a little kid waiting for Christmas to get here and it seems FOREVER away!

    Thanks all
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  3. by   wjonesrn
    I almost didn't get into my nursing program because I assumed that since I had taken prerequisites at same college...that I. didn't need to turn in transcript with my application. My 1st lesson of nursing school was the old adage "NEVER assume...because it makes an ass out of u and me" (direct quote from the program adm.)
  4. by   LightMyFire
    Yes, you will need to turn in a copy of your transcript, as well as your test scores for the nursing test (I took NET, but I think they went to TEAS after the spring semester) and your Accuplacer scores, and you have to get your application signed by an advisor (can be academic or HP). It seems like there was more but I can't remember now

    Make sure you go over the list enough times to be sure you have everything you need. You don't want to lose your chance because you forgot something. Don't wait to get any shots you need because the hep B series takes a total of 6 months to complete (you can waive that one and get it later; you definitely want to get it though). TB testing can't be done for 30 days after you get MMR (I didn't have a shot record so I had to get MMR).

    It took about 2 months to get my acceptance letter after applying. It was very difficult to wait. I was so stressed but was so excited when I got the letter. Then you can go get your background checks done (unless you're absolutely sure you are going to get in!), CPR (make sure you take the AHA class, it is offered through AHA or OCCC) and all the other stuff. The letter will contain all of the info about what you need to turn in and you will have about a month to get it all turned in to the HP office. We had to have a flu shot (we didn't have to get it because of availability) or waiver (but some of the hospitals will require masks if you waive).

    If you think applying is stressful, wait until orientation! NS is a lot of fun though (as long as you don't let yourself get too worked up about the amount of material and balancing it all). Spring semester just started our 5th week and we have our first clinical this week. It's nerve-wracking and exciting all at the same time but the instructors are awesome and try to help in any way they can. The students are great and will also help a lot.

    Even if you don't get in on the first try (I don't know how many points you have or what your grades are like), don't give up. Usually all it takes is to take more prereqs to get your points up. Good luck. Definitely let us know how it goes. If you have any more questions, don't hesitate to post or PM me. I know there are also others from my class on this forum (although with all of our work I don't know how many of them have time to get on here!)
  5. by   Mommaof3
    Thanks so much for your reply!! I have 19 pref points, so Im fairly confident I should get in! I dont know what the going rate was for the Spring semester but last time I talked to the nursing advisor she indicated that I shouldn't have a problem.

    I had my Hep B done about 5 or 6 years ago, do you know if it's still good?

    2 months?!! The deadline is April, so I shouldn't expect to hear anything back until June then?! EEkkk that seems like so long.

    I took the NET last summer and they said I could still use that for this semester so I hope thats right!! I need those 3 pref points! lol. I didn't take it at OCCC though...do you know if its just the print out of scores that I got from the school where I took it? Or is there something more official I have to get?!

    I swear I have 12 million questions and I feel so goofy since its still quite a ways away but I definitely appreciate your input since I have heard that once you get your acceptance letter you have to move quick quick quick to get everything done by the deadline! But sooo exciting!
  6. by   LightMyFire
    You'll definitely have no problems getting in. I had 17 points and was told that 16 or more should get you in. Of course, it really depends on the other applicants' points but 19 is plenty. I know that there is at least 1 who had 16 points and got in for spring.

    Your hep B series should be good. I don't think boosters are necessary. Just make sure you get hold of a record if you don't have one handy. You shouldn't have to move too quick once you get in as long as you get started early since some of the paperwork may take time to get if you don't already have it. I started most of my stuff before I got my acceptance letter (such as CPR, shots, TB tests, etc.; mostly stuff that wasn't time sensitive). The OSBI background check is only good for 3 months so you want to wait for that and with your acceptance letter will be information about how to get the extensive background check done. Give the HP office copies of all of your paperwork and keep the originals for your records (I gave them my original background check and made a copy of that for myself) and keep it all safe so that you aren't missing anything when it's time to turn it in.

    The application deadline for the spring semester was Aug. 21 (I think) and we got our acceptance letters on Nov. 5. We had until Dec. 5 to turn in everything (shot records, background check, CPR certification, clinical preferences, TB tests, varicella vaccination/titer, etc.). Orientation was Dec. 11 and if there was stuff missing, they let them know what was missing. I had all of my stuff assembled when I applied so that I didn't have to scramble to track down any paperwork. The day after I got my acceptance letter, I was in the HP office turning in stuff. You'll get a checklist of stuff they need. Just get your stuff organized beforehand and you will have plenty of time and no problems.

    Ask them about your NET scores. I took it at OCCC and they mailed the results but then I had to get a printout that had both my NET and Accuplacer scores on it.

    I knew someone who had gotten in Fall 09 and it was such a help to have someone who could answer my questions. I had a jillion of them too! Everyone has a lot of questions and I'm more than happy to help answer them.
  7. by   Mommaof3
    Thanks, you're helping me get my stress and anxiety over this application process under control! Haha. I know its silly but you feel like your entire life is riding on this one application! I know that you know what I mean.

    Did you do your CPR at OCCC? I guess thats what most people are doing as opposed to finding somewhere else. And where did you do all your titers/vaccinations/TB tests...should I just go to my regular physician or would the health department be easier? I know I did all this before (went to scrub tech school) but I've had 2 babies since then! lol and it feels like a lifetime ago. Basically if I get all that done then all I will have to do once I (hopefully!!!!) get my acceptance letter will be my background checks right?

    I know you've just started but is there anything you wish you would've brushed up on before actually entering the program? I am taking classes now but I'm not working so I've got the time to invest if there's anything I could do that will help me out once my program gets started.

    Thanks a TON
  8. by   LightMyFire
    You're right, I know EXACTLY how you feel! One of the things they told us at orientation is that no one really understands about NS except other nursing students. Every time I talk to anyone outside school about school, I know it's true.

    I didn't know that OCCC had the CPR class until after I had signed up for the one at the American Heart Association, so I just went with the AHA. I got my shots at the health department, but I got my TB test and varicella titer done by the health promotions nurse at Norman Regional. I've got her card but I don't think we're supposed to post any names or numbers on here. You have enough posts to PM so if you want to contact her, send me a message I'll give you her name and contact info and my email. She was really nice, helpful, and will answer any questions you have. If you don't live near Norman you can probably ask the health department for a referral.

    The TB control center website says that they won't do tests for school but I have been told that they will, you you might need to check and the health dept. should be able to tell you where to get them done. You need two but you can get them a week apart. If you need MMR you can get it free. Most people who have insurance get the titer done through their doctor. I don't have insurance or a doctor so I was worried about finding someone to do it and the cost. It wasn't as expensive as I'd been told it was and I got it done at Norman Regional as well. It took 3-5 business days to get the results.

    I feel like I am well-prepared. I did really well in my prereqs and besides, the stuff we're learning is so different from the other classes. Of course, it is important to have a strong knowledge base because it is expected that you already know anatomy, physiology, chemistry, etc. With 19 points I'm going to assume that you have good grades, which means that you probably won't have problems with needing to brush up on prereq material. If it's been a while since you took those classes, you may want to review but I think you'll be just fine. Thinking about it and wondering about what it will be like has been more stressful for me than actually being in NS. Getting organized is another area I'm still working on (4 weeks in)!
  9. by   Mommaof3
    I definitely agree, no one who hasn't dealt with the idea of getting into NS can have any understanding of what its like...and I know actually being in NS will be the same thing. It's going to be challenging and I'm looking forward to it!! I must be masochistic! lol.

    I live in Moore so I def send me her info at Norman Regional and I will get started on all of that fun fun stuff!! I also do not have insurance right now so I'm glad to know I can do some through the health dept etc.

    Do you remember what the CPR class cost thru AHA? I think its like $50 through OCCC, not bad but if I can do it for cheaper I will! lol.

    My grades are definitely decent but I did take my pharmacology class about 7 years ago!! But all of my sciences are recent so hopefully that will help! The only class I have left to take for my ADN is Micro which Im hoping to be able to take this summer (I dont know if its offered). I didnt realize you had to have Chem before Micro (DOH!) so I'm taking Chem this semester and then finishing up classes so I will have all my prereqs for my BSN as soon as I finish my ADN LOL. Because of all the prereqs that I've been taking towards my BSN I will actually end up w 2 or possibly 3 associates degrees from OCCC haha. I've been trying to do this forever and have jumped back and forth between pre-nursing and nursing that I have liek 75 hours already! lol. But going ADN first is gonna make me an RN 2 semesters (at least) sooner so I can work and do the BSN program. I was going to apply for this semester at OCCC but with 3 kiddos I just didnt want to do the night time theory! In hindsight I probably should've.
    Now I'm rambling!! Sorry! Its just so nice to talk to someone who actually KNOWS how this works!! lol. All my friends/family look at me like I'm crazy when I start in on this stuff because they just have NO idea. Thanks so so so much for all your information I really appreciate it!
  10. by   LightMyFire
    I'll PM you the info you wanted. As for the spring semester, it has actually worked out better for me that I'm taking evening classes. I had put my clinical preference for Friday night but they couldn't get us any evening clinicals at all. My kids will have to stay at with my mother-in-law overnight so she can get them to school (they stay with her when I'm in class and I'll have to be at the hospital for acute care clinicals at 6:30 am). I still have 4 more weeks until acute care clinicals begin but she will be keeping them when I do my school screening clinical next Friday. We figured that getting in to NS was the important thing and we'd make it work no matter what semester I got in, although this is working out much better than a fall semester would have for me.

    I don't have nearly as many hours as you do but I'm up there. I took pharmacology for the points but was enrolled when I applied so they didn't count. I am really glad I took it though since med administration is such a big responsibility. I feel like I am a little ahead. As a bonus, I passed my dosage calculation exam on my first try because I took pharm. I think I have 41 hours or something, with 36 to go.

    Many people end up taking micro during the summer semester. A lot of people say micro is hard but if you did well in A&P then micro should be no big deal, even though it's 5 credit hours (I got an A in micro). The lab can be a lot of fun; it's nothing like A&P or chemistry labs.

    I think I paid $55 for AHA CPR. Most of the students were doing recertification and all they had to do was watch the video, take the test, and do the demo. I stuggled with CPR because I had never done it before.

    I also plan to go back and get a BSN later. A lot of employers will help you pay for it. As it is, it will have taken me 2.5 years to get an ADN in nursing. I really don't have the time or money to go for the BSN right off. This way I can work and gain experience, which I think will help me in the long run.

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