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Did anyone else apply for the BADNAP program starting in June 2013? The requirements were loosened up a couple of weeks before the deadline, so I'm wondering how much interest there was?... Read More

  1. by   lordizzy626
    @ Lilykins, that is actually a great idea! I think I will get that done soon enough.. I will see if I can't post a link on here for everyone to get to the FB site.. I am ready for this to start. I am more ready for it to go down in the record books. lol. I hope everyone is getting all their documentation ready! I just finished mine today and I am going to turn it into the HP office in about an hour or so. Yeah I am good with places like Louis or Cross Eyed Moose. Hopefully soon we can get a head count. Is anyone else taking classes right now? I am currently at OU taking Organic Chem, Immunology, Principles of Physiology, and Genetics. Wheew!
  2. by   lordizzy626
    I am having to get a private loan for all this. In the end, it will definitely be worth it!
  3. by   texastornado
    Congratulations to those of you who got in! For those who are on the wait list you may still get in so don't lose hope!
    I graduated 12 days ago from BADNAP so any questions you have I will try to answer them. For those trying to decide whether to work or not, DON'T if you can afford it. Your life is essentially on hold until this program is done. Except for Christmas break, you will be doing something related to the program from June thru mid-March.
    Also there were 72 applicants last year. By orientation day we had 45 and started class with 44. We graduated with 35, losing 2 classmates on the final test the day before graduation.
    Wishing you all the best!
  4. by   lordizzy626
    I have a question for you texastornado.. Just curious, what was your college background before entering the program? Were you a science major who could not get into grad school the first time around (my situation), or were you a non-science major who completed the necessary prereqs to apply to this program? Either way, how difficult would you rate the program? The reason I ask is because I am a science major who is used to taking 12-15 hours of upper division science courses. I understand that everyone is different, but I am trying to gauge how difficult this program will be compared to taking 15 hours of HARD science courses and working full time. I do not plan on working during this program. Currently, I am taking classes like Organic Chemistry, Immunology, Principles of Physiology, and Genetics, all at OU...
  5. by   texastornado
    lordizzy626 my background was a BA in English Literature but had experience working in a nursing home. I took the necessary reqs for this program and had no problem with them. However in my class there were 2 with cellular biology degrees, 1 with an EMT Masters (who taught EMT also), along with other various degree backgrounds with some seriously smart people struggling. This program is totally doable as long as you learn to think like the medical field requires... critical thinking. Look that up, memorize it, sleep on it lol because it is what you will do the whole course. An example of the types of tests you will take along with rationales on the answers can be easily found by googling "Kaplan nclex sample exam". The computer program used is ATI and it's an NCLEX prep program. It is supposedly harder than the actual NCLEX exam (yay!) so don't get down if you struggle with it.
    There were several who worked part-time and full-time but seriously questioned it about half-way thru. It can be done but you must have a great support system if you do. I have three children (ages 12, 6, & 4) along with being secretary for my husband's business and for the last 9 months my kids called me "Grumpy"
    After the 1st semester it is easier schedule wise because you are familiar with how it all works but the material gets harder from that point on.
    Hope i'm not overwhelming you because being done in 9 months is so worth it!
  6. by   Sadie23
    Hi texastornado! How many days a week did you have clinical labs and how long do those classes last? I will have to work but I'm going down to part time (two 12hr shifts weekends only). I really hope that is doable. I work nights and it's always super slow so a lot of people get in some good study hours and homework while working overnight at my job so I'm hoping that works in my favor. Were there any days throughout the week you didn't have class?
  7. by   texastornado
    Sadie23 the days change throughout the program but here is how our schedule was:
    1st Semester (MedSurg-MS): lecture on Wednesdays (usually 9-4), labs Tuesdays & Thursdays (long days usually 8:30-6:30) until clinicals start, one day at a long-term care facility (you can schedule this around your schedule easily), clinicals beginning about 3 weeks after the start of class on Thursdays & Fridays for 4 weeks
    2nd Semester (OB & MS): lecture on Wednesdays, labs the first 2 Tuesdays & 1st Friday, clinicals on Sat/Sun or Sun/Mon or Mon/Fri (some night shifts available for OB, MS only on Sat/Sun ), the last Saturday before finals is the 5K for the nursing program (you don't have to participate but it was fun & a great bonding event)
    3rd Semester (MS & Psych): lecture on Wednesdays, labs 1st 2 Tuesdays & 4th Thursday, clinicals on Sat/Sun or Sun/Mon (some night shifts to choose from) for MS and Fri/Sun or Sat/Sun or Fri/Sat or Sun/Mon for Psych, one day at the Children's center you can schedule around your schedule
    4th Semester (MS): lectures on Wednesdays, lab on the 2nd Tuesday, clinicals on Sat/Sun
    Throughout each semester you will have days you need to come to campus to take tests but not very often. Also you will have to do on service learning project a semester but that can work around your schedule. Like I said some people did work and just scheduled around what that semester's schedule was. Hope this helps, good luck!
  8. by   Sadie23
    Wow that is a busy schedule! Yes it did help a lot, now I have a better idea of what the schedule will be like. Thanks texastornado, I'm getting more excited!
  9. by   lordizzy626
    It definitely sounds like it is going to be a 9 month rollercoaster. lol. I will only be focusing on this program for the duration of the 9 or 10 months. I am positive I can handle it, but it does not sound like it will be easy. lol. I do agree with you in the fact that it is extremely worth it due to the time frame and all. I have also explored the avenue of taking 3 other required courses after this, and then working towards an NP program. Just another option. I wish it would hurry up and get here. Ready to be done with this program. lol.
  10. by   Jsamps
    Did someone start a group, or is the one I'm seeing from last years class?
  11. by   lordizzy626
    I think that is a group from the graduating class of 2013. So when does everyone want to meet up for dinner and/or drinks?
  12. by   Jsamps
    I'll start a group. Badnap 2014.
  13. by   Jsamps
    My name is Jake Simpson. If some of you want to add me as a friend on facebook, I'll start the group.