OCCC BADNAP 2013 - page 7

Did anyone else apply for the BADNAP program starting in June 2013? The requirements were loosened up a couple of weeks before the deadline, so I'm wondering how much interest there was?... Read More

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    Hey everyone! Checked my email pretty late and I GOT IN! YES!! So excited.. Congrats everyone!

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    Congrats Sadie! I bet you are excited!!
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    Thanks!!! Yes, I'm very excited. What are everyone's clinical preference?
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    --YAYAYA Congrats! I hope your as excited as I am. I choose Baptist, Deaconess and Southwest. I would like to do at least one rotation at McBride though since it's mainly ortho.
    --Is anyone planning on working full or part time? I would like to at least work some; however, I am not sure how the program is set up at all, so I guess we shall see!!
    --I would def like to get together with everyone before we start....and Im always okay with having a drink I will be in the Bahamas the first week of April, but any other time I would be glad to meet up!
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    Alternate 10. I knew it was a long shot.)
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    Alternate 10. I knew it was a long shot, since I'm not done with prereqs. Congratulations to those of you who got in!
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    I'm debating on if I want to choose Baptist as my first preference or Deaconess. I plan on working part time. I work 12 hr shifts now at a hospital so I think I'll go down to two 12hr shifts a week, only on the weekend since it seems we'll be busy during the week.
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    Adb I feel for you, but I'm also holding out hope. I'm sure there will be some quitters... Just not me.
    I'm not planning on working; I'll let my gi bill and drill pay get me by. I know I'll pick southwest. Did an er clinical there for emt and loved everyone there. Great experience.
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    Adb! Im sorry....it took me 11 years to get in (sad to admit) so dont give up! Im holding out hope also....I have read several things about people dropping after orientation and I know someone who got a call the Friday before thr program started! Just make sure you have your stuff lines out just in case! After you get your pre's done,you will get in no problem!
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    I have worked at both baptist and deaconess er and love them both. I am currently still working at one of the deaconess physician clinics and hoping to go part time.

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