OCCC BADNAP 2013 - page 11

Did anyone else apply for the BADNAP program starting in June 2013? The requirements were loosened up a couple of weeks before the deadline, so I'm wondering how much interest there was?... Read More

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    Group created. OCCC BADNAP 2014

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    I am amazed that more people aren't joining the group. I am sure it will happen as soon as orientation comes around. lol
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    Im sure a lot more will after Thursday too! I joined...couldn't find it at first though so I added Jake and then it popped up fine. It was weird!
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    help...I am currently in the process of deciding whether to take a slot in the program. I missed orientation and know absolutely nothing. can someone tell me what I missed out on? I don't know about immunizations or clinical sites costs etc. What day does this ride begin? If someone can email me anything I would greatly appreciate it. Vnickimoto@gmail.com
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    Did someone email you?

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