Nursing jobs around Oklahoma City

  1. Hello, is anybody from Oklahoma city here?
    I am planning to move to Oklahoma city soon and looking for nursing job. I am looking into OU Hospital or Mercy Hospital. Is anybody can share some experiences and if one Hospital better versus the other? What are the pay rates e t c? Thank you in advance!
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  3. by   YUKONrn
    They are both pretty good, it depends on whether you want to work at a level 1 trauma center or a Level 3, I believe Mercy is a level 3. You will need your BSN to even be considered, especially at OU because OU has its own school of nursing and it is a BSN program so they recruit their own before they hire from the outside. As far as pay IDK. I saw some ads on indeed that integris is hiring new grad RN's starting at $15/hr and I was floored. I know CMA's who make more than that. A lot of it is obviously going to depend on where you work, what shift you work, and how much experience you have.
  4. by   Mommaof3
    There are an abundance of nursing jobs in the OKC metro area. OUMC is located downtown and has a reputation for being extremely short staffed (I have not personally worked there so this is purely rumor). Mercy is located currently on the NW side of OKC (expanding with an additional campus south side). Pay rates at either facility are going to be dependent on your experience and certifications. Mercy's pay rates for new grads start around $20 an hour, I believe, and they go through an immense orientation process to acclimate from nursing school to floor work. I have worked at Mercy and immensely enjoyed my experiences there.