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    Hi. I live in Southern California and have my RN license since March 2009, and have been looking for a job ever since. The jobs here are few and far between. How are the new grad jobs in Oklahoma?
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    The hospital where I work in Tulsa, OK has a great nurse residency program for new grads, and has openings for RNs in almost every department. I've been working here for 2 years as a CNA and a CV Tech, and I looooove it! It's a little on the small side, and we have some older equipment, but I have the best coworkers here that I've ever had in any job in the past. I can honestly say I love coming to work every day! - the information on the "Nursing Opportunities" page hasn't been updated in a while, but it does have our current nurse recruiter's contact info on it, and the jobs listing is up to date.
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    I am also originally from California.

    Since the cost of living in Oklahoma is lower than that of CA, be prepared for a culture shock when you see the new grad RN pay rates. Most of the Oklahoma City and Tulsa hospitals pay new grad RNs between $18.00 and $19.00 hourly.