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Hello, I have purchased the study guide by Morrison Media - HESI A2 Secrets. I have read through the Study Guide and looked over the practice tests. I am concerned about the content and exactly how much of it will be on the... Read More

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    were the same words that were used in the study guide there too?

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    Quote from hurrlybaby
    Art of grace,
    did you take the exam yet? I would like to know some details that were included in the exam, like: the vocab words from the study guide ware in the exam too, how hard the grammar section was and how long the reading passages were and if it were confusing, also in the conversions if you remember some ?
    Anything you remember?
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    Please, send me some tip , if do about the HESI you took
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    Here' s the one i used and was plenty good enough
    i studied with it about 2 weeks.

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