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  1. Hi everyone...I am an Rn finishing up my BSN through Oklahoma Wesleyan University. I am planning on continuing on with my education by getting a Masters degree. I am torn as to degree plan I want to follow. My choices are 1. ARNP 2. CNS 3. Education. I love different aspects of each of I have yet to decide. (I don't graduate until October). I was wondering if anyone could give me some insite into these choices and help me decide. I have been weighing pros and cons. I also need to figure out where to go as far as which school is best. Any advice is appreciated.
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    Congrats on all you have accomplished so far. I believe OSU health science center (maybe OU?)has a Masters programs and I think their NP has different options. It be worth a google. I havent looked at it for awhile. I also am interested in cont. my education as far as I can take it. Interesting thing, Oklahoma allows a NP to have their own office with limited doctor supervision. I like the idea however of someone else paying all my bills.Not a lot of help I know but google those 2 schools and see what you come up with. time will tell.
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    Career direction is a very personal choice. While generalist RNs can move easily among specialties when they choose, a graduate degree in nursing pretty much locks you into a specific specialty/role. I would encourage you to take some time and energy to figure out where you want your career to be going, what you want to do within nursing, and then it should be clear which specific degree you'll need to get you there. Good luck on your journey!
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    Thanks for your advice. I am going to take a parttime teaching job at an area votech teaching prenursing for the LPN program so that should let me know if teaching is where I want to go. And shoot I get paid to do it also, not to bad. I have googled OU and lots of others. I am leaning towards Indiana State. SO wish me luck on my journey!!!!!
  6. by   Goodoldnurse
    Hello ljcraigrn,
    OU has the NP option (family, peds and other specialities) and Nurse Educator. The CNS may have been put on hold, they are not being used correctly in Oklahoma and they are having trouble finding faculty.
    I liked OU because it was ALL online! I did not need the "face time" and got alot out of the program. It is not as long as the NP program which is VERY competitive. Education is the hardest job I ever loved! I work hard, but the rewards are too numerous to count!
    Congrats on your accomplishments and much encouragement on your journey!

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