Making an occupied bed-help me settle a debate!

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    A co-worker and I were making an occupied bed when we got into a debate.

    When you roll up the dirty linen and then lay out the clean, right before you roll the person to the other side of the bed, does the clean linen go over the TOP of the dirty or UNDERNEATH.
    My thought was to go on top so the dirty touches underneath the clean.

    I hope this makes sense. How do you do it??


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    I was taught that the clean linen "roll" goes under the dirty linen "roll". If the clean linen is rolled, then the underside of the clean is what is going to be touching the dirty linen. I don't know that it really matters though. Either way the clean and dirty are touching.

    Hopefully that makes sense b/c I was getting confused typing it out lol
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    That does make sense! I had a hard time posting the question so I know what you mean!

    I accidently posted this here thinking I was at the CNA forum. That's the same response I got there too. Now I have to practice a new habit! Lol!


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    I always roll the clean under the dirty with a towel in between them so the clean is not coming into contact with the soiled linen.
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    clean linen goes on bottom, just make sure the diaper is on and a chux is down first or you may do it again very soon.(depending on your pt.s bladder) sometimes we put a chux between dirty and clean depending on how dirty is dirty.
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    I was taught and do this way: roll the dirty linen as tight as you can get it without squeezing anything out of it, if you know what I mean. Then put an incontinent pad or blue chux pad around the dirty linens. Then the clean linen roll goes under, then when you pull it all out on the other side, the dirty linen should just roll right out without much tado, then the clean linens roll out nice and smooth with no wrinkles. Also make the "rolls" as small as you can so the pt doesn't have such a big "hump" to roll over. And be careful to not pull the linens under the pt, causing a "shearing" that in turn causes skin break down.
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    If I understand the question, neither choice is correct. If you keep the clean linen "behind" the soiled as you advance the sheets , you can keep them separated.
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    We were taught to put a clean water-proof pat on top of the clean linen and then push it underneath the dirty linen...... but i guess you could always check the best practice guidelines if you aren't sure...
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    If I were your examiner/assessor then I would not fail you if you did either, because seriously there are more important things in the world to worry about. It is time for our profession to get over this rediculous Florence Nightingale authoritarian attitude of chastising nursing students for such pedantic nonsense, and it is time we started mentoring our students to be confident and assertive professionals.
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    Grandy's point is well-taken. However, the issue is a real one. There is always a preferred procedure in EVIDENCE-BASED practice. Rather than memorizing 23-steps, though, we need to maintain critical (based upon science, not widely-held fallacies) criteria throughout all procedures, remembering that they the resulting demonstrations won't all look the same!

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