1. Ok, so I got my LPN in Oct.....just passed boards, and got excepted to Platt RN program...however, I am feeling torn....I have only 4-5 pre-required classes left to be able to apply for ANY RN program....or work 1 year and apply to OU LPN-BSN program. any advice? Has anyone done this? How many people does OU LPN-BSN except? please~please~please HELP!!!!! XOXOX liz
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  3. by   MJonesBSN
    I was in a similar situation. I lacked three classes to apply for a BSN program. I decided to go ahead and get my RN then work toward my BSN. I decided I would rather suffer another year at LPN wages -vs- two-three by the time I got my BSN.

    Last semester I took two of the three science classes I needed I applied for an LPN-RN program in Nov...was accepted in Dec. I started classes today...I am in the LPN-RN transition class plus I am taking my last science. Hopefully I will pass both of these and continue with the RN program with an anticipated grad date in nine months.

    Good luck with your decision.
  4. by   LovelyOverload
    You might look into Rose State's LPN-RN it only takes 2 semesters to complete and then you could finish at OU which will probably take the same amount of time! Like missfoxie said its better suffer with lpn wages for a year then suffer 2-3 years!
  5. by   CaffeineQueen
    I only lack a few requirements for the LPN-BSN program at OU. So I am working on them now, and will transfer to OU next fall. But I have been an LPN for about 7 years now so this route made the most sense for me. The RN-BSN and LPN-BSN programs at OU are almost identical. They are each 2 semesters long. The LPN's just have to pass a couple of exams before admission. Hope that helps!!
  6. by   signor
    How intensive is the LPN to BSN program in OU?Are you able to work while in the program?
  7. by   Mommaof3
    I would keep in mind that Platt is not an accredited nursing school....if you are even considering advancing your degree after your RN it would be wise of you to wait to go to Rose (like the previous poster said)..or OCCC (where I'm going)..or to the OU program like you stated for your BSN. I have a friend who graduated from Platt and then realized that she was going to have to retake a whole lot of classes to continue her degree unless she could afford to continue with the private colleges i.e. U of Phoenix, etc. Just food for thought!!
  8. by   Prettytheory1908
    Hey let me just say that as long as you are a LICENSED PRACTICAL NURSE you may transition ANYWHERE! Even from Platt. The courses at platt will not transfer per say; however, you have to take the required pre-requisites to be admitted into ADN/BSN program. So don't be discouraged about being at Platt! Good luck!

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