Looking into LPN schools in Tulsa

  1. 0 Hi, My name is Ashley, and I am interested in an LPN program in tulsa. I was wondering what your experiences have been... the only 2 program I know about are Platt and Tulsa Tech. I am currently leaning more towards Tulsa Tech bc of Platt's reputation isn't excatly the best.....(thats just what I hear) I don't know much about either. I know that I would like to start possibly Jan 09', and I want to know which is better, which has a better hire on rate and board passing rate... I would also like to know what the average pay in tulsa hospitals for lpns are. I currently work at st.francis and would hopefully like to stay within their entity as an lpn.... again, I am not looking for the easier one, I want the best one... thank you in advance for everyones input))
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    Hi Ashley!

    As a former TTC student (LPN) - I do recommend the program. Like all programs, there are pros and cons. I liked the somewhat self-paced nature of the program (average completion is about 13 months, but you CAN do it in 7 months - I did and I even had a month off in there). However, many students aren't used to self-directed learning and have difficulty motivating themselves. If you want more specific info about the program, feel free to message me.

    My only knowledge of Platt is secondhand, but I have never heard anything good about that school. Besides, if you're planning on continuing to RN you might have problems with transferring credits from there - last I heard they still were NOT accredited.

    As far as hire rates, you would have to talk to someone in HR to find that out. As for NCLEX pass rates, check the OBNs list - www.ok.gov/nursing/nclexpass.pdf

    Starting LPN pay is roughly 12-18, depending on where you work and what shift, previous medical experience, etc. I know a year or two ago Saint Francis started new grad LPNs at 12.50 (base shift)...

    Good luck to you!
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    I looked at the pass rates for both platt and ttc and platt had a pass rate of 93.67 for 2007 and tcc was 79.41 for 2007 I also know of several nurses that went to platt and they said it was very intense but well worth it.
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    to bjgrand,

    lauraashley2006 was inquiring about ttc, not tcc. but thank you!
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    Quote from auatulsa
    to bjgrand,

    lauraashley2006 was inquiring about ttc, not tcc. but thank you!
    in addition, she inquired these schools more than two years ago (2008), so there's the possibility that she has already found an lpn program, been admitted, and possibly graduated by now.

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