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Looking for a roomate??

  1. 0 Hello, I am wanting to re-locate to a place in the okc metro area. Moore/NWOKC/Yukon/Mustang areas. I am a male, 27. I don't smoke or have pets or any other bad habits. I'm straight but I get along much better with women. I am very clean. I work nights at OU Childrens and in school full-time for nursing. I have been seriously thinking about becoming a Doctor but have not made up my mind. I live in the country right now but am trying to find a place closer to work and in an environment that will help me stay focused on school and my goals. I like to sing, go out with friends,watch movies, t.v., favorite show is Greys Anatomy. I play xbox, work out and I consider myself to be a pretty fun person to be around if you are interested in a roomate or know of anything available that is under 600 a month or around that let me know please! thank you!
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    if you're looking to live alone, are you seeking a 1-bedroom or a 2-bedroom place?

    back in 2009, i stayed in the lincoln greens apartments over on nw 122nd between penn and may, about 1 mile south of the quail springs mall. rent for a 1-bedroom was a little bit less than $600 monthly with a deposit of about $200.

    in early 2010 i was at the willow cliff apartments, located off nw 50th street between meridian and macarthur. some of the other residents were 'hood,' but i always felt safe there. plenty of major shopping was close because these apartments were around the corner from the nw expressway. rent was $452 monthly for a 1-bedroom, and my deposit was only $50 due to good credit.

    unfortunately, please keep in mind that you cannot use these forums to advertise for a roommate. thanks for your cooperation!
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    Hey thanks for getting back to me I will look into lincoln. If I live alone I will look into a 1 bedroom more than likely.
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    Did you ever find a place to stay?