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I will be taking the teas test for the ICTC LPN Prog. in Sallisaw. Anyone else planning on enrolling at ICTC for the 2011 yr ?... Read More

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    My interview went pretty good, but I will just have to wait and see. There was a girl coming out when I went in with bright purple hair, jeans, a halter top and flip flops..... I guess some people aren't really serious! CRAZY!!!!

    Well now we are all done.... Now we just have to wait....

    Class of 2012!!!! (hopefully)

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    Im glad to hear that it went well. I wonder how many more days of interviewing they have? I am so ready to know if I got on or not. Good luck
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    Have you heard anything yet? I think I remember the lady telling me I would know either way???
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    No I haven't heard anything but I was also told that I would find out either way
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    I got in!!! Just checked the mail and my packet was inside!!! Now to work on getting the equites uniform!!! Woohoo
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    YAY!!!! Congrats!!!

    Mine just came in the mail too! I got in also! So happy for the both of us!!!

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