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    I am a new grad and I was wondering what hospitals hire new grads and how long will it take for me to get hired. I have applied to all of the Integris hospitals, MWC hospital, and OU medical center, and Deaconess. It has been 3 1/2 weeks since I have been waiting for any replies. I have only had one interview so far at BIMC and they seem to have an issue that I didn't have any experience. Is this normal to have to wait so long when waiting for replies from the different hospitals I have applied for?
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  3. by   TheCommuter
    The OKC area hospitals are absolutely flooded with more applications than they can handle right now due to the poor economy and too many new nurses in the local job market. I would submit one application per week at each hospital. Also, I would learn the name of a few unit managers and mail them a copy of your cover letter.

    Additionally, I would search for jobs outside the hospital, although they might not have been your first choice for a workplace. Home health, hospice, clinics, nursing homes, psych facilities, and rehab centers will probably be more receptive to a new grad who has no experience. Good luck to you!
  4. by   Liyah24_RN
    Thank you so much for your reply I am just going to try and be patient I did an Interview at ISMC and another floor manager knew me from leadership and she told the managers that were interviewing me that I was a good worker so I hope that helps me and I really enjoyed the interview and would love to work there.
  5. by   Rob72

    Ahh, the weiners won't let me hot link it. Search "Research" on the OUHSC jobs page, and check out

    Requisition Number

    If you need something to pay the bills, RAIs and IIs make decent starting money. If they like you, you can be a Research RN (better $$). HSC is affiliated with OUMC, but is a different entity. We also post some RN positions, generally in the clinics. If this(research) strikes your fancy, shoot me an email. I'm not exactly a secret "in", but I've been here awhile.

    rcox1 AT ouhsc DOT edu
  6. by   Liyah24_RN
    Thank You so Much Rob72 I am going to research this and I will contact you especially if I don't hear anything this week from any of the other hospitals that I have applied for lol. I really appreciate your help.
  7. by   Rob72
    Good luck! It does take awhile, sometimes. One of my classmates (last May) just hired on a couple of months ago. 6+ months of nothing, lots of apps, & then she received (IIRC) 4 offers, all within a week.
  8. by   Liyah24_RN
    Oh yea that is a long time. Thanks again ^_^
  9. by   Zombi RN
    You might try applying at Saint Anthony.
  10. by   Toradol
    you can get a job in Lawton OK right away even before you take boards! they will hire you at 19.00 an hour as a nurse intern then you get a raise when you pass boards.
  11. by   LovelyOverload
    You might try applying at a LTAC facility! Pay rates are higher than hospitals (reg FT not per diem). I know lpns make 19.00 (at kindred) so you know rns will make more. Or you could call to the front desk (any floor at any Integris facility) and ask for the name of the clinic manager then email them ( your resume!