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  1. Hello!! I'm wanting to get my CNA and thinking about going to Central Tech is Sapulpa. The starting time for the evening class is 5:30, The part that concerns me, because I was talking to someone about another program elsewhere, is that the other program requires you to be there at different times for clincals. Does anyone know if Central Tech does this? I have to work from 8 to 5 so I can't be there any different times. Thanks for any help!!!
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  3. by   okscrapper
    I attended that program last November, and clinicals are done at a local nursing home during the hrs you attend class. It was a great program and now I am in the LPN program also with Central Tech but in Drumright.
  4. by   disneymom
    I'm curious about Central Tech as well....how do you like their LPN program? Is it self-paced like other LPN programs? I'm considering their Sapulpa campus for LPN.
  5. by   toadfrog
    Please read next post but here is a website to check and see if your potential school is accredited
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  6. by   toadfrog
    Just graduated from Central Tech program in Sapulpa and I along with most of my classmates would NOT recommend that program. It is a complete unorganized disaster. The teachers lack ability to teach, mostly just read word for word out of a text book to us. They have very little experience themselves, not to mention are very rude and condescending. It has taken 6 weeks to get our NCLEX test dates, because of the inefficiency on the schools part.
    The biggest issue is that they have lost their NLNAC accreditation during our school year. They will tell you its not a big deal or its not important but it is. All of the RN schools in OK look at if you have graduated from an NLNAC accredited school, and since it wasn't, couple schools won't even take my application till I've been employed as an LPN for a year, and most of the others are requiring extra test to be taken (which I would not have to take if they were accredited).
    They didn't even tell us they lost the accreditation, I found out when I called a respective RN school and they looked it up and told me. I could go on and on about how I regret going to that school but I'm just thankful its over.
    Try your best to go to LPN school somewhere else, or do more research and make sure that they have changed the program
    Most of my classmates will pass the NCLEX but its not b/c of the school. We all paid an extra $150 to take a NCLEX prep class and have all been studying are butts off.
    Good luck!
  7. by   okscrapper
    That must be why a certain person resigned and why someone else has taken over. Do you think it will improve? Why did all of this happen? I am in the Drumright program at presetn and so far am happy with it. It is self-paced and the pass rate is very high.
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  8. by   Anon student

    It sounds like you are a little bitter. Too bad you feel that way. From my experience, most people's educational experience is exactly what they put into it. Let me set the record straight. 1) Yes, Central Tech has lost its NLN accreditation. We were told that and it is public record information. In fact, the staff busted their butts to maintain their accreditation, but to no avail. The loss of accreditation was not related to the staff's ability to adequately prepare students to fulfill the role of an LPN. 2)The instructors you mention as being inexperienced, rude and condescending came into a program that already lacked stability and had fallen into disarray. Just because the instructors have 11 years combined experience does not prove them to be incapable. I found them to be extremely knowledgeable, approachable and sincere. I felt they actually wanted me to succeed and even though they were at times tough, I knew it was for my own good. 3) You mentioned that there were whiners in the class. It seems to me that from the contents of your blogs you were one of them. In fact, I know who you are and I can attest to this!:spin: 4) You say that you have taken the NCLEX and finished in 85 questions. I truly doubt that a 2 day crash course NCLEX review would have allowed you to have been that successful without already having a extremely strong base knowledge. This could have only have come from your LPN program/instructors.
    So, I guess what I am saying is that my experience was completely different from yours. Again, maybe a person's educational experience is exactly what YOU put into it!
    To Central Tech, and the PN instructors...Keep doing a great job!
  9. by   lovemybaby
    I have to take toad frog side on this one. Of course most of us are bitter, at least the ones who have some educational background. I also just graduated from the program and agree it was a total disappointment and would not recommend it to anyone. It true that most do get what they put into an education experience, and as for myself and toad frog who both have college degrees we now what to expect from a educational program.

    No, we were not told at the beginning of the year that the school was on probation with the NLNAC (she isn't talking about the NLN accreditation like she says she is referring to the NLNAC accreditation) and we were not told by the school when they finally did lose the accreditation. And according to the NLNAC the low pass rate in the past is part of the reason the school lost the accreditation. As is the fact that the teachers don't both have master degrees.
    I agree that they may have walked into a program that was already in disarray but that does not excuse the fact that when accepting a role as a teacher they should be prepared everyday to teach not read.
    She did not say that the NCLEX class alone prepared her for the NCLEX she also mentions that we have all been studying all butts off. And after everything we have been through trying to get our test dates most are a little bitter toward the school.
    Just like you and myself, toad frog is allowed to have her opinion, and just because you don't agree doesn't mean you have to stoop to calling her names. That is what this website is for, people giving others opinions and advice. Their are several students on the website that feel the same way about the schools they have attended and voice their opinions on here to try and save others from making the same mistake.
    Toad frog, obviously this one is one of the few who spent most of their time in the teachers office trying to kiss up and didn't see how things really were.
    Also toad frog- Congratulations on passing the NCLEX
  10. by   toadfrog
    Thanks lovemybaby. You already argued all my arguments for me. Apparently I stepped on someones toes..ha! Went out for a little celebration and come home to am email where I'm called a whiner...lol!
    But I stand corrected "anon student" we did need an LPN program/instructors to give us the basics and I did learn the basics at central tech...for that I am grateful. But I think my hours of studying and memorizing helped me most on the NCLEX.
    And lovemybaby I agree that this was written from one of the "in the office" students or maybe "ANON STUDENT" is even an employee perhaps?? LOL (Wow! Is it okay to go on and pretend you were a student when you really aren't.)
    I am perhaps a little bitter after finding out I can't apply to the school that I was most interested in till I'm employed for at least a year, so that sets me back to Spring '11. But I do think that the school has potential and that the instructors were more prepared for teaching it may possibly turn out to be a great program...but only time will tell. I believe the new director will make a great addition and things hopefully can change. But "anon student" I obviously am not the only one who feels disappointed in the program. And I am happy for you that you thought it to be such a great program...hmm did you have anything to compare it to???
    And lovemybaby is correct I, as are you, entitled to our own opinion and that is what I gave.
    I am thankful it all over and that I passed both nursing school and the NCLEX. And I am not going to resort to petty name calling and continuing to defend my opinon!
    Best of Luck to everyone!
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  11. by   Anon student
    First, congratulations on passing the NCLEX on your first try. That was what the program was supposed to do, prepare us for that test. Your right we are all entitled to our opinions. In my opinion the program was great in spite of the challenges. It does seem to me however that you and "lovemybaby" have found on outlet for your bitterness. Kudos, whine on...

    As for me I am satisfied as are many of my other classmates. Was it perfect, no. But is anything? The fact is I am happy with the training I have received. That is my opinion. And, I think I can find better things to do with my time than whine about how the rest of the world should be perfect like me. Good luck to both of you.
  12. by   lovemybaby
    I for one would like to thank toadfrog and a couple of other girls for all their "whining" if it wasn't for them writing emails and several phone calls we would still be waiting for the school to get organized enough to send off our applications for NCLEX and still be waiting for our test dates. So whine on toadfrog!!
    Its also pretty unprofessional for a teacher to be writing post as a student trying to defend the school program. I have spoken to all of the girls in the program throughout the year and not one ever said what "Anon student" has posted.
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  13. by   bebe2010
    Quote from disneymom
    I'm curious about Central Tech as well....how do you like their LPN program? Is it self-paced like other LPN programs? I'm considering their Sapulpa campus for LPN.

    The Drumright program is self paced, but the Sapupla program is not. I went to Drumright Central Tech for my LPN and graduated last July, i enjoyed it very much.redbeathe
  14. by   okscrapper
    That's how I feel. Where are u practicing now? R u going to bridge?

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