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    Congrats to everyone who got accepted! I too received my acceptance letter on Saturday! I'm waiting to hear back from OU's accelerated, and then I'll make my decision. Regardless, I'm looking forward to starting one of the programs this June--it's about to get crazy!

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    Also, I checked OU's Master's program requirements and they currently don't allow ADN's to go straight into a Master's program, so maybe that's changed recently. At OU you have to complete the RN-BSN before you can start a Masters. Vanderbilt does an RN-MSN, but I can't remember how many additional courses you have to take before you can start the actual Masters. Vanderbilt also offers a distance option for some of the programs after you've been an RN for two years. Great school, but it can be pricey.
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    Does anyone know how many days a week we will be required to be in class or clinicals? I'm trying to figure out when and if I will be able to work. I see the paperwork says Wednesday-Friday. Just wondering if that changes from semester to semester, if there are any other required labs etc. Is there an attendence policy?
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    Can you give me any idea as to what days a week we will be in class and clinicals. I am trying to figure out what days if any I will be able to work.
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    I'm still waiting to hear back from OU as well, but have already sent in my acknowledgment to OCCC. Even though it is just an ADN and not a BSN, it's $10,000 cheaper, 4 months quicker and it lets me commute from Stillwater. I would love a BSN from OU, but everyone in my family who is an RN says that just having an ADN starting out will get you the same job as someone who has a BSN. It really starts to matter when you want to move up into the administrative world.

    From what I understand class will be 9-4 Wednesday and clinicals Thursday's and Friday's. I have no idea if this changes around or not. All I've ever heard from anyone who has done this program is that you can not work and expect to do well or even pass.

    Has anyone figured out the actual date for the orientation. I'm pretty sure it is the 18th, because the 8th isn't on a Friday. I called, but couldn't get ahold of anyone who knew the answer.
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    The date for the orientation is the 18th of May. When I dropped off my acceptance and clinical preference list the advisor stated they will be sending out another letter correcting the mistake.

    I'm holding my spot in the OCCC class in case things with OU don't work out. Yep, one of the nice things about this area is that they don't discriminate ADN vs. BSN. Sadly that's not the case in most areas of the US and because my husband is in the Air Force and we'll most likely be leaving here in the next few years, I'll need to get the BSN completed sooner rather than later.
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    Hi there! I'm in the traditional program at OCCC graduating in May, but also taking concurrent classes for my BSN at UCO, in my Transitions class at UCO this semester I have a friend who will be graduating next month (March) she says the schedule is insane. She has 2 12 hour clinical days (her entire classes are on Saturday and Sunday) and 2 class days. A lot of times they come into our class on Mondays/Wednesdays 9-1200 for lecture. I don't know if this is the info you were looking for but I hope it helps! Get ready for pure chaos for the next year! Good luck all!
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    All of my clinicals have been on friday and Saturday's, or Saturday and Sunday, because we go twice a week. Lecture is all day Wednesday. Then there are occasional lab classes on campus, usually Tuesday and Friday the first semester. Then, there are fewer labs the other semesters. Hope that helps. Some people worked the whole time and made it just fine. Grades will suffer to a degree, but it is doable. Passin is a 74%, which doesn't seem bad until you take the test, then you pray to pass. Good luck everyone!
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    So I'm assuming that Mondays and Tuesdays are basically "study days"?
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    In the first semester, Tuesday will be lab day I think until clinicals start. Monday will almost always be a study day. There will be random classes on other days of the week usually for three hours. We have classes with the traditional group sometimes, so we have to attend their hours.

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