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Anyone go to Rose St.? - page 2

I'm currently doing my LPN, but have my prereq's done and plan to bridge straight to RN in August. I applied at Rose St. last week and she "unofficially" told me I was in, but I also plan to apply to... Read More

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    good luck!!!! I'm so jealous that you have a summer! I think I may have one week off between summer classes and the start of school, but I am going to enjoy that week!
    Yeah, it's so exciting to think we're halfway to RN!
    Do you mind if I ask what kind of work you did while in school? I'm so nervous that I won't be able to work as an LPN and do school (I'm a single mom). We had a clinical rotation at a rehab hospital and I'm thinking maybe something like that would work because it's slower paced.
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    I am a receptionist in a non-medical field. I have 2 teenaged girls and I am married. I have great support from my husband and girls. I don't know how I could work full-time and do school full-time if I didn't.

    I just got home from taking my final!!! I am SO relieved to be officially finished for the semester! HELLO SUMMER!!!!!!
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    Enjoy your time off!!!!
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    Thank you and I hope your summer classes are quick and painless. Oh, and I hope that week you have off in between classes is ssllloooooowwwww and relaxing!

    See you in August!