1+1 Program offered by TCC

  1. Has anyone been in this program? I have applied to TCC for the nursing program twice and have been turned down twice now. They sent me a letter letting me know about a meeting at Tulsa Tech for the LPN program. I am going to the Q&A and will be applying for their Fall start. I am very frusterated with TCC. I could go on but will refrain.
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  3. by   dottimur
    I was in the first 1+1 class at TTC, got my LPN license in summer 2007, then went to TCC. At TTC we met Monday through Friday 8:30 to 3 PM on the Tulsa Public Schools schedule. The program is a good program basically. It is not as hard as RN school so be aware of that.

    I started TTC in the Fall of 2006 and I graduated with an ADN at TCC in the Spring of 2008 and got my RN license in summer 2008. There were 13 of us who started in that class but just like all other nursing classes, some fell by the wayside along the way. In order to finish the 1+1 program in 2 years you have to test out of one semester of OB/Peds and the OB/Peds test is very hard. There were 4 of the 13 students who finished in 2 years.

    While at TCC we met all day Saturdays (8:30 to 4 on in class time or 6:30 am to about 3 PM in clinicals). We hardly ever got let go early. There was a problem with instructors assuming because we had an LPN license that we had worked in the field which was not always true but our class was very vocal and that problem is probably already recognized.

    Our instructors didn't lecture a lot, instead relying on us to listen to the video lectures that were available online from the traditional RN program Monday through Friday class. Sometimes those lectures were hard to hear or were not available at all but that may have been worked out.

    The TCC nursing program for ADN was like all other nursing programs... very hard in the hopes it will prepare you for the NCLEX which I found to be a hard test. TCC has a reputation for being a tough school. I suspect all nursing programs are just hard and have to be to prepare you for the NCLEX.
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    Thank you! I went to the Q&A at Tulsa Tech today and it was somewhat helpful. I know have a few more hoops to jump through before I can turn in my application there.
  5. by   mistiffy
    Hi, I am in TCC's ADN program right now, about to finish my 3rd semester, thank God! TCC IS a tough school, I won't argue that. However, the NCLEX pass rates speak for themselves (they're one of the highest!). While there are instructors here and there that are WORTHLESS, they were few and far between and every program has em. Overall I've been pretty impressed with TCC, I feel like they're preparing me to be a COMPETENT nurse. It's a lot of work, but who said nursing school was supposed to be easy? lol If you have any other questions, feel free to ask!