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What is a good class to start with?

  1. 0 I'm going to start in fall 2. Academic outreach RN-BSN. I'm planning on just starting out with one class at a time. What is a good first class?
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    4510 is the starting class! Good luck in your studies!!!
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    Everybody has to start with 4510. After that, it seems to be finding the class that fits your schedule. It is a good idea to start taking one at a time, at least until you get the hang of it. How many other non-nursing classes do you need? If you need a boat load like I did, you might want to add additional classes, or it will take a very long time to finish. When I'm done, I will have taken 21 classes. I'm down to 10 classes now, and I started in March of 2012. The last 2 semesters I took three, which wasa challenge.
    Good Luck!
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    I am still waiting for my transcripts to be processed to see what additional classes I will need to take. Definitely statistics and nutrition and that business communication and also fashion or whatever. Hopefully not too many more! I have already taken 2 semesters of a&p and chemistry each as well as 2 comp classes psychology sociology and human growth and development.
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    If you're not familiar with how to utilize online libraries, although many people will think this class is difficult, I would take the nursing research class as early as you can in the program. If I hadn't had friends who had taken on-line nursing classes it would have been a huge challenge and the first week in research teaches you how to do searches using the library system.
    Good luck. I will finish the program in December. I don't think the program is especially difficult work, but it's extremely time-consuming. I compare each class to a busy day at work. In the morning after report, you think there is no way I can do all this. (That's the first week in each class.) By the middle of the day you think you have a handle on it. (That's the 3rd week.) And when you're giving report at the end of the shift, you think--I did it. That's about how each class has gone for me. You just have to dig in and start doing the work.
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    Thank you all for the good advice! I am signed up to take 4510 fall 2 and 4560 for fall 3. I have 6 other classes in addition to the nursing classes. Stats , nutrition, music, fashion, business communications, and probably ethics. I'm just gonna start slow and see how it goes! I'm glad we have a support system with each other here
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    Once you learn the hang of APA it gets a little easier. The first class was hard for me as I had never done APA. I purchased PERRLA which Is a godsend and other student's had recommended. The facebook site is also very helpful and informative and everyone supports each here and on there. https://www.facebook.com/groups/103939360915/