This is a discussion on Ohio University RN to BSN - NRSE 4550 -Evidence based practic

  1. 0 I am taking NRSE 4550 Spring 2 2013. Who else is in this class?
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    This is a thread for evidence based practice NRSE 4550 Spring 2 2013 at OU online RN to BSN program. Roll call?

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    I'm in!
    Kind of dreading it too - I'm worried about how much time this one is going to take up.
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    I'm in this one too.
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    I'm in too !
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    I am in also !!!!
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    I am going to enjoy my 1 whole day off before starting in this class!
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    I wish you all the best. Even though I got an A...this class was the worst so far, in my opinion. I hear Leadership will be as last class.
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    Hey guys I just graduated with my assoc. degree this Dec. I have been tossing back and forth between Akron U. and OU. Leaning more towards OU. For any of you that have taken BSN classes from OU - is it comparable to the load of course work from your assoc. degree nursing programs? Am I under the false assumption that it is doable while working full time? Thanks for any tips! I hope to start core BSN courses in the fall!!
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    I work full time and do many community outreach programs and this program is doable. Once you get the hang of APA format most class assignments are similar, discussion board posts and papers. Some classes have quizzes and tests. The important thing is to try and keep up with readings and assignments. I took electives at OU and some required proctored midterms and finals. I only took one class at a time since 5 week courses can be intense. Some students did take more classes at a time. Online classes were great for me because I could do classwork whenever was convenient for me. Good luck!
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    I am enrolled in this class but havent received any information about it and it isnt showing up in Blackboard. Have you received your syllabus, required text, etc.?
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    Thank you frills! I have two pre reqs left. Intro to nutrition and early childhood edu. I want to take them over the summer. I hope they don't have proctored exams for those because I'm about 3 hours away for OU! Lol thank you for your encouragement, it helps to hear that it is doable!
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    I'm glad your leaning towards OU very good school to choose from. good luck in your endeavors.

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