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  1. 0 Has anyone taken this before? I have honestly never felt this stupid before. I have looked ahead and that made things worse. After the first week, I asked the TA if the instructor curves and was told no. Well, I know the assignments are not curved...are the exams? I hope so...or I may not make the 80 I need to pass.
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    Is it an 80 that is required for passing statistics? I thought we needed an 80 in the nursing courses and a C or better in the support courses? How is stats going? I am trying to get into it for the second 5 week course. I absolutely need it so I can stay on track with my nursing courses and graduate this summer, but I dont want it to be a headache of a class. Also, do you have to take the exams somewhere where they can be proctored? please share your experience with this course....
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    First, I love math. However, the first two weeks were not math related. That is where I had some issues. Now that it is all math, formulas, etc., it has gotten much easier. You are absolutely required to have your midterm and final proctored. I do not live in Ohio, so I had to find a location and pay someone to proctor my exam at the testing center of the local JC. I am taking stats right now with NRSE 330 and NRSE 335. I'll tell you in a couple of weeks how it worked out taking 3 classes, working, and taking care of the family stuff.

    More information on the proctoring qualifications can be found here
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    So...... inquiring minds want to know.... How did you make out with 3 classes in 5weeks? Im signed up for Stats, Nursing Research and gerontology.
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    I had a 93 going in to the Statistics final, so I am not sure how that will finish. The other 2 grades were both A's though. The statistics grade will be my own fault though. I did not realize the modules were up early (like before start date) and did not look until Tuesday of the first week, when an assignment was due. I spent the first 3 assignments catching up and I think most people were already done. You will do fine, I thought it would be worse.
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    Sooooo...... I'm in Stats WITH 2 nursing courses... This is serious stuff man! Kudos to you. lol. Just a WHOLE LOT of busy work. So, question>>>>>> For Stats, should I use the 10 module assignments and pdf course notes to study for the midterm and final?
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    I made a notecard with all of the formulas for the mid term and final. I had a notebook where I did all of my practice problems and homework. For the tests, I brought the notecard, my notebook, all of the module notes given to us, and a calculator. It was all I needed. The tests were not as bad as they could have been.
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    I am taking Psy 1110 statistics with Sally Weekley in two weeks and I need a book. Does anyone out there have one they would like to sell? Please let me know ASAP!!!!!!
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    I took this class last summer and found both books through Chegg. You'll get it in plenty of time.
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    Is Stats hard?
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    I took it over the summer as a 8 week class ( 2012). I was surprised to find it wasn't too hard I hadn't taken a math class in over 30 years. I spent a lot of time on it, and it paid off. Wound up with an A.
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    I relied a lot on the EDUKAN video on you tube. the instructor for the class did little for me.
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    I took it at another college and it was not bad at all.