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Has anyone here taken PSY 221? I heard back from grad schools and either 120 or 221 is acceptable to them. Leaning toward 221 since it will be over a semester and I don't have to buy a scientific calculator!! I HATE scientific... Read More

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    There is alot of calculations beginning in week 3 ( Module 3) and that is what is slowing me down. But these 8 hours today were for reading the chapters, watching the video's and doing the practice questions, today I did about 25-30 practice questions.
    I am probably slower than most since I don't have a lot of confidence in my math abilities and I re check everything.
    There is one "official" assignment for each module. There are not multiple assignments, sorry if I gave that impression. One assighnment, a week, ( there are 2 the last week) and 2 proctored exams. Part of the time is to do the math and then you have to be able to explain what the answer means. So it isn't straight math.
    But seriously, I am actually understanding this stuff, which amazes the you know what out of me. I wish I knew more about Psy 221 to give a comparison.

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    Thanks for your comments. Greatly appreciated! Best of luck to you and keep us posted!

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