Ohio University RN to BSN - NRSE 4540 - Community- Spring-2/18/ 2013 - page 6

Anyone taking Community Health online with OU RN to BSN program that starts 2/18/13? Would like to start a thread for support. Have used this site in past and appreciated having others to share / support.... Read More

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    I see the quizzes on the syllabus but not in Blackboard. I'm guessing they failed to update the syllabus, which I've seen happen before. I hope that's the case, not crazy about quizzes.

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    Hi Everyone- I'm in section 050. I too have the quizzes in the syllabus, but not in BlackBoard & am hoping the syllabus just didn't get updated. It sure would be nice to have ONE class that is organized & has all materials well correlated... This is my fifth nursing class. The only class that I've taken that was well organized & concise was Nutrition.
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    Hi ShadowAngel - I think Nutrition was the most organized class by far. By the way does anyone know about Safe Assign? I was looking over everything rapidly - and the Statistical data - which is supposed to take only 4 hours - must be submitted through SAFE ASSIGN. I have not taken any class since last September and I guess this SAFE ASSIGN is new. Anyone have any concept how to access this? Feeling kind of spaced here.....
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    I just found it - the Safe Assign that is. Here it is for other people - if this is the first time for you too. Its under the Assignment tab on the left....

    • Find the safe assignment you wish to complete and select “View/Complete.”
    • Attach your assignment file in Box three.

    • To attach a file click on “Browse for Local File.” Select the file you wish to attach and click “Open.”
    In box three you must agree to submit your paper to the “Global Reference Database” in order to successfully turn in your paper.
    Under box four select “Submit” to submit your Safe Assignment.
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    The safe assign isn't a big deal. Just browse, upload, check the box and that's it. It goes through your paper and checks for matches with other submitted papers across the country and resources to some degree. It will give you a "matched" percentage. But sometimes it's ridiculous what it says matches like titles, headers, same text books, etc. that obviously everyone is using.
    I saw the discrepancy, too, with the syllabus and quizzes. I looked through the whole course, the grading tool, etc. found no where to take or score quizzes. I agree with the theory that syllabus is out of date...again! Let's hope the course goes better than it has started (for many of you). Guess I was lucky this time.
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    I am curious as to how the safe assign will work out. Working on both assignments at the same time - just to get a feel of it - yikes - I am going to have to read chapter5 - epidemiology and also the discussion board assignment board due friday! Yikes! What a waste we couldn't get the Blackboard to show up when I canceled all my activities on sunday just to get an early start and the BB class doesn't even show up. Ugh.
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    I'm in section 065. Started on the comm stats paper. It's a little touch of research.
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    FYI, announcement from our TA:

    "No Quizzes in this course – Disregard the syllabus where it states talks about quizzes. There are no quizzes!

    Tracking tool and NO clinical hours: It is not necessary to track your work as per the week 1 discussion points from instructors an there is NO clinical hours. This has been deleted from course."

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    Quote from ab264102
    I'm in section 065. Started on the comm stats paper. It's a little touch of research.
    OMG that comm stats project was the worst, well that and the windshield survey. The survey part wasn't bad, except I got a "speeding" ticket for going 30 in a 25. Its hard to watch, take mental notes and watch the stupid speed limit.
    But the worst was writing it up. It seemed to ask for the same stuff over and over. I hated that assignment.
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    I am also in community section 004...second class with Ohio...praying for a better TA this time. I am still waiting on grades from last class.

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