Ohio University RN to BSN - NRSE 4540 - Community- Spring-2/18/ 2013 - page 12

Anyone taking Community Health online with OU RN to BSN program that starts 2/18/13? Would like to start a thread for support. Have used this site in past and appreciated having others to share / support.... Read More

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    Thanks for all your suggestions for Chem everyone! Still don't know what I'm going to do though- already taking 3 classes during OU Summer sessions & don't know if I can handle any more. Finally got a reply from my supposed advisor, after almost two months, when I forwarded the emails to Dept of Nursing asking if email changed or she no longer worked there- one line: You can take Cemistry 121 @ Oregon State. Can't believe we're paying for this... Good Luck in your studies! Thanks Again!

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    I am so happy this session is over- although it was very straightforward, I have Diversity next . I just want to be done.
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    stats with one professor there is so easy!!!! she is quick, has her own text and realizes we are just nurses!
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    I took it with K, but she is gone from what I hear. I was an "older" student also. I took it during the summer and didnt' take another class with it. I got an A. I did put in plenty of time with it. I practiced all of the problems over and over and looked up some simple algebra things I had forgotten. There are plenty of sites to help you with that. Khan academy is free and is a good one for refresher on simple math.
    Don't let stats scare you off. Be really organized in your notes.. and dont put shortcuts or abbreviations in your notes because in a few weeks you might not remember what it means.

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