Nursing 4600 Excellence Spring 2013 Session 2 - page 15

The syllabus for this class was emailed yesterday. Most non-clinical assignments are DB items. Clinical looks fairly straightforward that culminates in a research paper. These are not clinicals in the classical sense of the word.... Read More

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    Does anyone have their final paper? I simply need a sample paper to kinda get an idea of where I am going. I have major writers block! And I work the three nights before it is due! Please help

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    Quote from nessa74
    Anybody get their grade back for the final ICP? I haven't gotten mine yet.
    I haven't even turned mine in yet.
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    Hi All,
    I am in the NRSE 4600 class for March/April 2014 and am having a tough start to the class. I am not sure I really know what they want for the project and to top it off I am having difficulty with my place of work in getting a good mentor. I am doing informatics but know nothing about it and am not sure how it will turn out. They made the first assignent almost impossible to do correctly because I could not meet with my mentor the first week and she took off points for my goals and not having an exact "project". I am a good student and put time and effort into my work but I already know I will most likley be "sick" from work a few days in order to meet the requirments for this class. Just wanted to know if anyone else is frustrated and or has any suggestions. Thanks!
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    It's a tough and time consuming project throughout the entire 5 weeks, but you can do it! I would be more than willing to help you and guide you on how to develop your project. Feel free to e-mail me if you still need some guidance.
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    Thank you for your offer. I have just two weeks left now, this is the first break I have had from class, work and the project. I can't believe how busy I have been in this class. Not sure why they are being so tough on little things like a missed comma or a split word. Just doesn't (oops does not) make sense to me. Many of us did not get into nursing to be writers/scholars. While I don't mind learning, I do mind being docked for their opinion of my writing when the change my words. I must say that this class has left me forgetting the good classes I have taken from Ohio University and just remember this one and the Evidence Based Nursing class. Always the negative ones we remember. Thanks for letting me vent a little. I know I will get through the class, its just a shame they feel like they have to be superior to us (in my opinion). I just keep telling myself 2 weeks to go..................

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