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  1. 0 Hello to all. I have a question that I wanted to know from anyone else in this class. I have been completing APA papers all year long and this is the first class that the TA is wanting an abstract. She is very picky about my papers critique every little detail. Am I the only one having this and why now are they requiring an abstract. What is the deal with this.

    Thanks Ed
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    I'm taking this in I'm concerned. The previous group said it was a chill class. Have you guys figured out the "clinical" portion? I just hope they didn't make this class as painful as all the others. What a way to end!!!!
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    I am currently in this class. I have turned in about 4 papers and have not had my TA ask for an abstract (in fact I've gotten 100% on all papers). There is still 2 weeks and I haven't see the clinical portion. I'll have to go back and look closer at the next 2 weeks.
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    The clinical component will start with the next class in February. This class is not bad but my TA is horrible and I have never had so many points deducted on papers. I have never been this stressed about a class...but almost done : )
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    4600 has definitely not been a chill class. This is the hardest grading that I have experienced at OU and I am supposed to graduate in June. This is ridiculous I feel like if the grading was consistent throughout I would have been prepared for this type of scrutiny. At least there is feedback on how to better the content but in only 5-weeks you are already at risk if you did not do well on the first discussion.

    In the beginning I used to focus more on discussion posts but in the other classess I felt as if they did not least I did not feel the grading was this stringent.

    I spend so much time on researching for one discussion that I don't have time to complete the others. The Prof. is the same fro 4530 and that class has discussion posts that are 5-6 paragraphs who wants to read that? I have to research write my own 5-6 paragraphs then read critique research and comment aagain on someone elses.

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    I agree with you completely I have approached both the TA and the Professor about the grading not being consistent. I am supposed to be graduating as well and this class has really put a lot of stress on me. The TA will take off a lot of points for each error, I have had high 90's in all my classes so this is a huge difference. Not happy right now!!!
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    I agree with all of you I have emailed the TA also and I have never been stressed from any of these nursing classes. I told her I made it through all the classes with A's and I shouldn't be on my last class to learn that I am not doing APA correctly. I can't wait for this class to be over with! 2 more weeks... we can do this!!!
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    Can I just say the fact that the discussion post questions require a 6page reply just to answer the question is a bit much. 6 pages that's a ding dang paper.

    Week 4 starts Sunday
    Get'r done!!!!
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    GRading for 4600 sucks
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    Who can we talk to besides the professor, to explain are frustration. I feel like a lot of people are doing bad.
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    Jeez this doesn't sound good at all!! Good luck....I'll be there in March.
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    6page response???!!!??? That is crazy!! That is a full paper. Listen I have enough trouble popping out regular responses to people as it is

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