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  1. 0 I see they are offering a class for Cross Cultural Prospectives that actually has something to do with our degree. I am still leary about general ed courses with OU
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    i am taking general anthropology at western oklahoma 10 day intercession which my advisor said suffices for course cultural antrhopology. WOSU has 3 10 day intercessions starting this month and going to knock out 2 prereq's through them. Might be a grind but they will be done! Also hear clovis college, has some pre req's that are like $89 credit/hr,less than $300 course that some people have done but believe they are full semesters with some of their classes
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    Can you let me know what the course is like? Just wondering how much writing and course work is expected and can it be done and still work. My thoughts were to potentially take a 2 week vacation and try one of their courses. Also did you have to get approval from your advisor?
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    please keep us updated
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    For the WOSU courses 'yes' and they were both approved. calcampus i am looking into not only for business communications but stats also
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    So, does this mean you are accepted into OU RN to BSN program now??
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    Finished anthroplogy 10 day intercession at WOSU. 10 days of non stop course work. 13 papers,8 quizzes and a final and 2 videos you comment on. LOTS of work but course is DONE. Got a "B" in the course which i am happy with