For Prospective students: Out before I could get in!

  1. I just received this email from the University of Ohio:

    Currently we do have state limitations and unfortunately we are not able to offer admission to Colorado students at this time. The email that was sent out was indeed a mistake and at this time we do not require an additional application from you because we cannot admit Colorado applicants at this time. Getting a DARS report takes some time currently because we have switched from quarters, to semesters and as a result the system that creates DARS reports is in the process of being updated to reflect these changes. We apologize that this process has be frustrating and if you would like a refund of your application fee you can follow the instructions at the end of the paragraph below.

    Currently due to new regulations from the Ohio Board of Nursing the RN-to-BSN program at Ohio University is required to add a clinical component to the curriculum. Because of this new clinical component, we have limited admission to our program at this time. Currently you must reside in California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, West Virginia, or Wisconsin to be admissible to our program. Our records show that your permanent address is listed as Colorado which means that currently we are unable to admit you to our program at this time. The school of nursing is working diligently to open the program up to other states but currently we do not have a time frame as to when we will be able to accept students from Colorado. We apologize about any inconvenience this may have caused. We were informed about the new regulations a few weeks ago and are in the process of informing students about the change. If your state should become available for admissibility we will continue processing your application.
    If you would like to withdraw your application and request a refund of the application fee please send an email to and include in the subject line "Refund request". In the text of the message please include full name, date of birth, PID (if you have it) and a reason for your refund request.
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  3. by   DidiRN
    I had heard a while back about someone who couldn't start either because of this state issue. Sorry to hear about that. I've heard other online schools having the same issues
  4. by   mtsteelhorse
    Yuck. I am so sorry for those who have counted on this program. I just finished, thank heavens! Good luck to you all.
  5. by   RNMom2010
    I live in Iowa, and have not received any emails regarding my inability to continue in the program. Perhaps I am grandfathered in?
  6. by   mtsteelhorse
    They probably have some standard for completion where you're grandfathered in but who knows. I would contact someone Mon to be sure. Communication with OU is NOT the best. Good grief, what a mess.

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