Fall 12 NRSE 4520 Assessment and Promotion - page 2

Anyone else taking Assessment for Fall third session? Suggestions from anyone who has taken it already?... Read More

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    I'm in!

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    I'm in and taking it with Diversity!
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    Yeah, Leadership sucks. I'm in that and Community together. I can't wait for just one class. I'm in this with you guys too!
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    I'm in!
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    I'm in
  6. 1
    diversity and assessment
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    Diversity isn't that bad.
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    I'm in as well. Praying this prof has it together a little better than the last few classes I've taken. Just have to finish up Leadership week 5 assignment and I'm done with that one...
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    OMG! The entire thread for Leadership was erased!
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    Yes...I noticed that too. WOW!

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