Experiences on RN to BSN program at Ohio University

  1. Hello. I start my nursing classes for the RN to BSN program at Ohio university in February. I was wondering if any one could share their experiences if they have attended. I'm taking two nursing classes at a time I was wondering if I'm in over my head.
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    Welcome to Allnurses.com! We have moved your thread to our Ohio University Online Nursing Degree forum with the goal of amassing more responses from other Ohio University students. Good luck to you.
  4. by   woodsyny
    I graduated 2 years ago from OU. Classes are 5 weeks which can be intense. I took one at a time. If you aren't working it should be doable taking 2 classes at a time. Also the TA's can make or break you. Good luck. I got through just fine but spent a lot of hours on my classes.
  5. by   Samsham
    I have a question regarding the OU RN to BSN program. Has anyone ever heard of anyone flunking out of the program? Has anyone failed one of their online classes?
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    No one that I know of flunked out of the program, but a few had to retake nursing classes. You need at least a B- to pass, I believe.
  8. by   Geminikay
    I accidentally signed up for the regular course offering class and not the rn to bsn online ecampus course offering. It says online their is no tuition appeal and i'll have to pay Athens tuituin.... HELP?? What do i do. I really want to attend this school.