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I am taking NRSE 4550 Spring 2 2013. Who else is in this class?... Read More

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    I'm DONE!! 30/30 on the last quiz.
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    Done with this class!!! Study guide is a blessing. Onward to the next challenge!
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    DONE!!! FINISHED!!! NO MORE EBP!!!! It's a celebration.
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    Congrats to all of you that are finished with this program! I have diversity next, seems that I am grouping all the difficult classes together for the fall- yikes! This class scares me.
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    See you in Diversity! Good Luck!!
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    Congrats to all of you!! Diversity isn't bad - at least not when I took it.
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    Quote from rninme
    Congrats to all of you!! Diversity isn't bad - at least not when I took it.
    I chuckle a little, as none of them seem as bad now that we are done with them. The absolute worst class I have had so far was 4520-Assessment.
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    Congrats!!! Keep on going...diversity isn't bad. I think you'll find it a refreshing change.

    ohgirn is right, hindsight is 20/20!!
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    Quote from Simply Complicated
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