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I am taking NRSE 4550 Spring 2 2013. Who else is in this class?... Read More

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    I am enrolled in this class but havent received any information about it and it isnt showing up in Blackboard. Have you received your syllabus, required text, etc.?
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    Thank you frills! I have two pre reqs left. Intro to nutrition and early childhood edu. I want to take them over the summer. I hope they don't have proctored exams for those because I'm about 3 hours away for OU! Lol thank you for your encouragement, it helps to hear that it is doable!
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    I'm glad your leaning towards OU very good school to choose from. good luck in your endeavors.
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    I don't have access to this class either. The required text can be found under the books icon. I bought Nursing Research 7th ed, Authors Geri LoBiondo-Wood and Judith Haber.
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    Quote from LillyBud
    Hey guys I just graduated with my assoc. degree this Dec. I have been tossing back and forth between Akron U. and OU. Leaning more towards OU. For any of you that have taken BSN classes from OU - is it comparable to the load of course work from your assoc. degree nursing programs? Am I under the false assumption that it is doable while working full time? Thanks for any tips! I hope to start core BSN courses in the fall!!
    I work 3-12s and take one class at a time, that is doable! I think any more than that I would go insane ! Good luck
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    Hey guys!

    I just finished NRSE 4510- although the first week was a bit of adjustment due to having a small break after completing most of my general classes, it wasn't to bad afterwords. I know this thread is for EBP, but I just wanted to know if the Health Promotion class or the Family Nursing class had any big projects or anything of the sort - I really want to complete this program by the fall so I will have to double up in one session. Are this classes just more research papers like the first class? I am starting Community health on Monday, yay for the 2 day break! Lol Good luck guys!
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    I hope this class isn't a total nightmare! After reading the other posts about it-I must say I'm nervous! Good luck all!
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    Evidence is up--at least for some of us. Good luck everyone!
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    I'm in this class as well as Excellence 4600. It's gonna be a tough 5 weeks!! But after this session I have one class left and then I am done!!!!
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    Quote from enuf_already
    Evidence is up--at least for some of us. Good luck everyone!
    . Mine isn't up yet, anxious to get started. Good luck all!!