1. I received my welcome packet and needless to say, I am so confused on where to start and what I need to take. I have been trying to see my DARS but it looks like everything is under review. I am confused on how long the program takes and just all around feel like I am spinning. I am reading the threads and hopefully will get the hang of all of this. Any advice for a newbie?
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  3. by   EmJeanRN
    Start by taking NRSE 300.
  4. by   boyfactory
    My DARS was not available for about 3 months after starting.
  5. by   Simply Complicated
    Are you starting in March? I will be as well. I wouldn't worry too much about your DARS right now. From the timing I've heard lately it will be about a month or so before you get any type of DARS review. You need to make sure you take 300 first, and pay attention to the classes that are being combined. You don't want to take one of those classes without the other, and end up repeating material. So being that you are taking 300, make sure you take Legal/ethics before Fall. That leaves 2 other classes that are being combined. Personally I would hold off on the other 2 classes.. why waste 10 weeks to get them done, when you can wait and take them in 5 weeks when combined.

    Do you plan on doubling up on classes or sticking with 1 at a time? I would just plan on doing the core classes, I'm guessing you will need Junior level English? Have you taken statistics? Those are classes you can plan on needing. Look when and if those are offered in Spring classes. That gives you plenty to start with. Then when you get your DARS back, you will have a better idea. Since summer class schedule isn't out anyways, it doesn't really help you right now anyways. You have the list in your welcome packet of when the core classes are offered, so you CAN plot those out now though.
  6. by   EmJeanRN
    Good luck!
  7. by   Simply Complicated
    I just wanted to clarify, for the first class you take. I forgot in another email I got, it said NOT to take 300 and 335 (Transitions and ethics). They are offereing the combined class for those of us starting in March. So you need to take 4510 as your first class.