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I can't believe this starts in justs over a week. Anyone else in for this one?... Read More

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    One more DB reply and I am done! Looking forward to the weekend before I start Assessment.
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    Quote from cincinursemary
    One more DB reply and I am done! Looking forward to the weekend before I start Assessment.
    Getting ready to post mine now and then I am done with this class!!! We made it through another one!!!!! I have my stats final Friday morning and then I am going to enjoy the weekend as well!!!!!!
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    Last DB reply, I am Done , Done, Done!!!

    Hope you all can enjoy the weekend. Friends in the Northeast... thinking about you this weekned. Hope clean up goes smoothly.
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    I'm done too!!! Woohoo! Have a great weekend!
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    I am so happy to be done. One more class down...
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    Is anyone else having difficulty registering for Excellence, I keep getting a message that I have to select a lab section? Maybe it's just another glitch in the system. I was able to register for the other nursing classes.
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    According to the Facebook page it's a glitch and they are working on it.
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    Thanks. Community final grades are posted for my section.