4600 Summer 5/13 - page 13

Anyone else in this with me? Did you get your email about the project? I'm trying to secure a mentor by next week.... Read More

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    And you need a title page.

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    Just submitted my ICP. Done with this class!!!!! One more to go 4550
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    Well this class is done and over for me. I'm tired, worked the last three nights, only had 4 hrs sleep yesterday and 3 hours today. I.AM.DONE! All assignments are submitted. On to my last class...4550. Anyone else in with me?
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    Good luck to you evieinco and Timetogo!
    We helped each other through this class. It went faster than expected and wasn't as painful as I thought!
    I submitted my last paper on Thursday.
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    What are they referring to in the section Strategies for Success: Looking at the Big Picture and “Doing your Homework” in week 1 description of ICP? Thanks for any help!!!

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