4600 Summer 5/13 - page 10

Anyone else in this with me? Did you get your email about the project? I'm trying to secure a mentor by next week.... Read More

  1. by   SmoothOperatorRN
    Quote from SeminoleRN
    Ok now I'm stuck on framing information? Any hints as to hat exactly it's asking?
    Whatever the problem is.
  2. by   Timetogo
    Quote from SmoothOperatorRN
    Whatever the problem is.
    That's how I interpreted it as. Also if you look on the rubric it says what they will be looking for in the section. That helped me too!
  3. by   Timetogo
    Did you guys see the email through Catmail about the length of the paper? Glad I saw this before submission! Think it should have been an announcement.

    5 ICP should be 4-5 pages in length.
    * 1 page for
    * 1 page for references
    * 3 complete pages regarding your ICP.

    No more
    than 7 pages preferably.
  4. by   Timetogo
    And you need a title page.
  5. by   Timetogo
    Just submitted my ICP. Done with this class!!!!! One more to go 4550
  6. by   evieinco
    Well this class is done and over for me. I'm tired, worked the last three nights, only had 4 hrs sleep yesterday and 3 hours today. I.AM.DONE! All assignments are submitted. On to my last class...4550. Anyone else in with me?
  7. by   PaRNmom911
    Good luck to you evieinco and Timetogo!
    We helped each other through this class. It went faster than expected and wasn't as painful as I thought!
    I submitted my last paper on Thursday.
  8. by   New BSN
    What are they referring to in the section Strategies for Success: Looking at the Big Picture and "Doing your Homework" in week 1 description of ICP? Thanks for any help!!!