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Alrighty who is in my LAST class with me. Give me strength to get through this!:yes:... Read More

  1. by   woodsyny
    Almost there ! 9 more days and I am DONE with OU!!!
  2. by   cincinursemary
    Quote from woodsyny
    Almost there ! 9 more days and I am DONE with OU!!!
    If I could... I'd give you a ( HUG) and a celebratory beer.
  3. by   woodsyny
    I am cooked cincinursemary. I am Sooooooooooo ready to be done!
  4. by   woodsyny
    Done! Bye bye OU!
  5. by   Beautifulyou
    Congrats woodsyny! I am so happy for you! You must be on top of the world right now! I'm not too far behind. I m taking the summer off and when I return in the fall I just have three general ed classes and then done!
  6. by   cincinursemary
    Congrats to everyone who is completed and ready for graduation. It is a lot of blood sweat and sometimes tears. No one who hasn't done it can understand. You made it to the finish line. Woohoo and 3 cheers, or should that be ... three cheers (to be APA correct!)
  7. by   enuf_already
    Congrats Woodsy! I'm glad you stuck with it and finished.

    To the rest of you...hang in there and keep looking at your goal of graduating. You can do this and be proud of your accomplishment.
  8. by   woodsyny
    enuf_already. I am so DONE and cooked mentally and physically! Can't wait to get back to a "normal" life. Thank you so much for all your encouragement!