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    I am thinking of taking a case manager position for Carestar in Ohio. I was wondering just how much of your week is spent at home. I am continually told that the case managers are home 80% of the week throughout the year, and I wasn't so sure about that. Any other useful information i need to know on the job ??

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    Hello. Basically your day and your schedule all boils down to time management. Your home is your office and aside from education/training and CEU days or visits to consumer's homes, you are at home working. I will be the first to admit I miss spending time with co-workers in an office setting, but I DO NOT MISS OFFICE DRAMA.

    I LOVE Carestar. A lot of changes are taking place and it is good. It will seem like a lot at first, but once we all get the hang of the new processes, it will be fine. For new employees, it may seem overwhelming at first, but there is plenty of support from staff to help out. My pay increased 18,000 from my last job through my first year. In no way can I complain. It really depends-- if the person wants to work or not... not meaning this in a mean way of course- You will get what you need there if you tough it out. It is a lot of information to learn and apply at first..... it is worth an interview- IN MY HUMBLE OPINION !!!
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    I am new to this site but maybe someone has advise on how to get started with Care Staff. I am an LPN working in Ohio and need help on finding a RN Supervisor,any advise?
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    Quote from heartworkingnurse
    I am new to this site but maybe someone has advise on how to get started with Care Staff. I am an LPN working in Ohio and need help on finding a RN Supervisor,any advise?
    You can go to www.ohindependentproviderservices.com and follow the link to nurse listings. RN Supervisors list their contact info and the counties they serve. Or you can go to the carestar web site www.carestar.com and look under the provider directory.
    I hope this is helpful.
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    I know I replied a long time ago to this thread.. but I figured after re-reading what I wrote, I'd re-reply with something more constructive.

    I'm getting the impression from this thread that many who are replying are direct carestar employees and not independent providers? I'm probably wrong, I can't exactly tell.. but that's a moot point

    anyways..I will describe how my experiences have been..My friends were/are IP's before they forced the Lpn's to have RN supervisors. When I started in April of 04, I had a problem even getting started.I requested my paperwork, by phone, which took forever for them to send to me.After I completed the stack and returned it, to, where I was told, the county in which I was getting a case in, not the county I live in.. It, once again, took forever to get a response.There was a problem with my fingerprints (BCI) I went and got a money order, went to the sherrifs dept and had it done.. and since they are only good for 30 days.. whoever was responsible for moving my paperwork along.. the paperwork didn't get "moved" in time and the BCI was no longer good. I attempted, and this was a 3 month period, to call the person "in charge" several times, with no return call.

    For some reason, I thought to call the center in charge of the region in which I lived. I spoke to a WONDERFUL woman, explained my situation. Now this gal, sent me a NEW packet within a matter of 2-3 days.. I remailed it, AGAIN.. had to pay to have another BCI done.. did that.. and had my number within a few days.So I had a number. Then I had to call around and figure out who was going to process my billing.. Oy, yes yes, I might only have to bill for services 4-5 times a month, but the min. for billing was 40 billings a month, so I had to pay the flat rate fee...

    Half of the companies listed as contacts for IP billing assistance, either had NO idea what I was talking about, or did not provide billing for IP's.. THAT was a HOOT! (enter sarcasm!) Funny as I got those contact numbers from the state!So it was 25 bucks a month to have my billing processed.Next comes an RN supervisor! Well, I've come to learn that everyone in the IP "business" knows one another.. They also know cases. Apparently the case I was to be working on, everyone knew about.. Nobody wanted to be in the home, nor be the Rn supervisor. I finally found someone willing to do it, and that came at a cost of 55 a month! While I might add that I think she was WONDERFUL and deserved every penny... That was just another "thing" that came with this territory!

    Next we move on to the client... How odd it is to have nurses coming in for "hour" visits (I'm sorry, try more like 15 minute visits, but we get paid for that 55 loader hour so Yippee!) and then having nurses coming in for shifts! Well I was just getting the hang of the whole medicaid deal.. and I know that nursing notes had to remain in the home.. but apparently nobody wanted to leave their notes in the home... Talk about wonderful continuation of care...

    On to the family.... This is what I truly took away with me from working as an IP.For me, when something MAJOR happens with a client/resident.. I call the doctor and get an order and get the ball rolling.. Every mm of your bodies nursing judgement tells you that there is a problem, you have a process to follow and that's how it should be... What I learned from being an IP Home provider? What nursing judgement? The FAMILY is "holier" then the doctor, "holier" then your nursing judgement. You "can't" call the doctor unless you have permission from the family. If they have a PRN order from the doctor for something, you can't do it/give it unless you have family permission..and I'm not talking about pediatrics here.

    If they DON'T need something, like say, a breathing treatment, because they are having NO difficulty breathing, no congestion and an apical pulse of 130.. The family is going to pitch a fit and argue with you until you do as they say... THEY'VE been taking care of their "loved" one, they've been "trained" they know "what they are doing"... To them, (ok, I only have my experiences and the conversations I've had with other IP's, I'm sure not ALL cases are similar, so please don't assume I'm generalizing here) you're just free help coming in to take the "burden" off of them for a short time. Doesn't matter how much experience you have as a nurse, they know best.

    On to the case manager... When I tried to address issues with my case manager, I was blown off. The FAMILY contacts the case manager, and the consumer is always right! The RN supervisior attempts to address concerns with the case manager and the consumer is always right. We could not attempt to "make waves".. That was bad, very bad, even when everyone, except for the case manager and the family, felt morally and ethically obligated to resolve issues... they did not get resolved.. The family is always right, and that was the support given from Carestar.

    You have to contact the case manager and let them know your schedule, and if another nurse calls you and you have to go in and work, you have to call and let them know.. You're only alloted so much time, and if they don't put your time in, when you attempt to process your billing, it gets rejected and you don't get paid.

    You're paid directly from the state auditor.. so no taxes are taken out. You either have to pay to have an accountant figure out all your taxes and how much you have to put away from each and every check, or you have to guess.. Taxes are due to be paid quarterly.. Good luck trying to figure that one out... I had no support with that department.. and no idea where to go to even find help.. Every IP I knew just paid to have an accountant do it all.

    There's more expense.again, I'm not trying to generalize here.. I know a lot of people who are IP who love every minute of it... I noticed the last time I checked for open consumers... it was mostly aide openings, and not nurses..

    Many nursing positions are just "visits" I haven't come across too many that are actually shifts.. Another problem I noticed is when there is more then one nurse in the home, the RN supervisor issue becomes and issue too.. Sometimes they only want 1 supervisor in the home, and if they don't know you, they don't want to be your supervisor...but they don't want another RN in there...

    I preferred, and still prefer, working my part time staff job and my part time agency work. I didn't have to mess with Rn supervisors, taking out my taxes, paying a billing entity, dealing with "know everything" families, putting up with unsupportive caseworkers, arguing with other nurses in the home about schedules or care provided or not provided.. Sure I have a patient load...but I feel much more comfortable in a setting where I can use my nursing judgement and the doctor is a phone call away.. not having to convince a family member to let me call them. And I found that the pay was just not that great. I made more money, took home more money, dealing with my hourly rate and my taxes taken out, then working as IP.

    Just my 2 cents
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    Hello.. I am new here but have visited many times! I love this website! I have been an independent provider for Care Star for approx. 2 years now. (as an aide) I am a newly licensed LPN and am filling out the application to receive my provider number. (through Care Star). On the application they are asking me to provide an RN Supervisor and a license number. I understand that LPN's are under the direct supervision of an RN ect... How can I provide an RN Supervisor if I am not working yet? This is why I am filling out the application... And, are RN's willing to do this for new LPN's? Are RN's soley responsible for the LPN's actions? I know... a lot of questions but I am just really confused about this. Also, once you take on a case/cases, I know that an RN is assigned to each case... Is this the RN that the LPN will work under or is it the RN that I designate on my application? I appreciate any help! Oh, and I understand that an RN may or may not charge for monthly visits... I would be willing to pay, by all means... Thanks again in advance for any help

    Confused; Sdalton912

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