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This will be the official thread for discussions relating to Tri-C Nursing Starting Spring 2010. Those of you expecting to be in the program this Spring check your Tri-C email through the Tri-C Myspace;) The Information... Read More

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    Quote from lennka
    Hi Scott! Do you know what books we need for next semester????

    Same books we used in 1450 are used in 1600. Potter & Perry, Iggy, Key and Hayes, and the Med Calculations book. The only thing new for 1600 are these Evolve 2 year RN case studies. What those entail I have no idea. There are no books required for 1701.

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    Well I just got the email. Grids will be posted this Friday May 27th. Registration will open at 0900 June 6th.
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    i have a ? for anyone who already took the first semester.. what do you think is better for clinical... south pointe or hillcrest? thanks!
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    hillcrest....this is what I have heard.
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    Hello--new nursing student admitted to CCC Spring 2013--any advice appreciated. All pre-req's out of the way and only nursing couses to take. Looking forward being part of this network. Would like to hear about orientation materials if anyone has theirs still handy.

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    Orientation will literally be the most boring 3 to 4 hours of your life. Not much happens. You fill out some forms. They talk about some stuff. Then you go home.
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    I have also been admitted for Spring 2013. I only have bio 2500 to take other than nursing courses. What campus will you be on?

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