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A while ago I posted asking about the nursing program application process at Tri-C. I just wanted to update that I received acceptance into the Spring 2010 semester :D. The process was actually pretty fast. I am very excited.... Read More

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    Quote from ScottE
    This is the book for 1300
    .......Unless you totally stink at math the math review book isn't really necessary, and neither is the Lab and Diagnostic test book. Nor is the medical dictionary.
    How do you know this is the book list for the new semester? Did they post the book list already??
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    what is the math review book??
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    Quote from purplcav
    How do you know this is the book list for the new semester? Did they post the book list already??
    They have been using these books for a long time. You can look at the Spring 2011 1300 and 1450 syllabi on the group site.

    This is the math book.
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    Quote from ScottE
    They have been using these books for a long time.....
    How do you know they wont change the editions or get new books? I wouldnt buy books until I get the list. But thanks for posting
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    I am taking A&P 2 on Tues and Thur I have to take it kinda different b cuz I took it previous to them changing the way they offer it I am going to be taking 233B and 234B. Whatever as long as I get it done. Good luck this Fall I cant wait until I start did you wait long after applying.
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    Quote from aharris1
    did you wait long after applying.
    I've had my career all mapped out, so I applied last year because I WANTED to start this fall. So it all worked out as far as when I was finishing my sciences to when I actually start the program. But I know they are admitting for Spring 13 still, so if you want to start then, you have a good chance of getting in for the January 13 semester! Good luck on your AP and getting into the program.
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    This summer I will be taking math 0960 +& eng 1010. Fall I'll take psy 1010, math 1200 +& bio 1100. So I'll be applying probably jan 2013. Is there a chance I can get in fall 13?In spring 13 I'm gonna take a&p1 and psy 2020 .summer 13 a&p2 and micro. Should I wait an extra semester to apply? This is such a long process I don't wanna spend 4-5 years on an adn when I can go to cleveland state for the same amount of time and get a bsn. I do have a daughter though, and i'd like to work at least weekends. I just thought the workload would be lighter in an adn program than a bsn.Also, I didn't even want to go for my rn. I wanted to be an lpn but i have heard from one person that the market sucks for them in this area. Maybe I'm just rushing things. I reeally want to be a nurse but it seems so out of reach sometimes.
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    I am an LPN so I can tell you that you're right, you need to get the RN!! Its a tough road but it will pay off in the long run, believe me. I am in the lpn to rn program currently at tri-c and my opinion is to keep plugging away like you are doing now. If you have kids & work, tri-c is great considering how many on-line classes there is and even when you get into the program they have an evening weekend option for people like you. You can't even apply until the prereqs are done so I'm doubting that you can get in 2013 because your math is putting you behind, you need 1200 math or equivillant. It will go by can do it
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    Hi hopefullyfuturenurse,

    I too was in pretty much the same situation you are in now. I was able to start my application process this January/February, and around mid-March I finally completed the process, and was accepted into the Fall 2012 program. So, it is possible to start in Fall 13 if you apply in early 2013. Do not waste one day though. There are many steps you will have to follow in the process and there are many people trying to get in after finishing up their December classes. I am also on a similar course track. I'm finishing up my A&P1 and PSY2020 this week, then I'm taking Micro and A&P2 in the summer. It is do-able. (I work full-time and I'm a single mother).

    I also agree that you will want to get your RN and not your LPN. I have LPN friends who cannot find work. And unfortunately, in order to go back to school in the LPN to RN track you must have 1 year of work experience, but they can't find jobs to get that experience so they can't even go back for their RN!!

    Good luck!

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