STNA Training Sites in the Akron Area

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    I live in North East Ohio and I'm looking for a Nurse Aide Training program. Any thoughts on a good program location or even any idea of where they offer training. i've found bath manor and stow glen. i just don't want to pay for something if there's a better program out there. please help!

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    I don't know if it's better but Akron General Hospital has STNA can try there =)
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    I went through this exact same search in '06. Turns out the place I was eventually hired at does their own STNA training (and pays for it). Call places near to you and ask if they provide training for the STNA test. Likely they have a path to train you free of charge.

    FYI, I went to Bath Manor and it was fine. We had a knowledgeable instructor, and an effective introduction to this line of work.

    FYI#2, Employers are required to reimburse you for training you pay for. Check regulations at the Ohio Department of Health nurse aide registry.

    Good luck!

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    thank you so much! i'm so nervous about starting the process. i was going to go to bath manor and start the program may 8th, but i have finals that day so i can't. hopefully i'll have it all figured out by the beginning of june!
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    Quote from ChangeHappens

    i was going to go to bath manor and start the program may 8th, but i have finals that day so i can't. hopefully i'll have it all figured out by the beginning of june!

    Just curious if you started classes yet? I attended Bath Manor's and found that the teaching and experience was very thorough.

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    yeah, i took the classes at bath manor. i actually was able to take the class that started on may 8. i just got my results back earlier this week from the state test...AND I PASSED!! when did you take the classes there??
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    I took the classes last month and my test is in August. Say a prayer that I pass. I've been practicing a lot.

    Congratulations to you for passing the state test. Are you working in this field now?

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    I've got a question. How did you do the skills test without a working sink? Or are we supposed to run to the restroom and use that water?
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    the test proctor is very VERY nice and helpful! she explains everything and answers any questions you have. as far as the working sink goes... you go to the bathroom to do the handwashing. then you have to pretend to wash your hands at the fake sink in the room for a couple of seconds when you are performing the other four tasks. if you need water for something like a bedbath, she has a pitcher of water in the room that you pour into the basin. my advice is to ALWAYS pull the privacy curtain and remember to lower the bed! the only thing i forgot to do during my skills test was return the bed to its lowest position after making an unoccupied bed. silly, but whatever. i passed. anyway, if you have any other questions don't hesitate to send me a message. good luck!! (and p.s. don't stress yourself out! its not that bad!)
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    i've applied to a couple of places, one being akron city hospital. but i'm waiting to hear back. i'm hoping to find a place that will work around my school schedule.
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