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Anyone else out there starting LCCC's RN program this fall? My orientation is May 7th, and I'm starting to get a little nervous!... Read More

  1. by   jennylouwho
    So, not to scare you but everyone I know spent more than $1k in the bookstore first semester. Add more if you're buying an iTouch (I didn't need one but still spent over $1k!).

    Don't be surprised if your schedule still changes to something you didn't choose. It happens all the time. Which is ridiculous, but yeah, it does.

    Also, as a suggestion, go pull down the lists for 128 Fall, so you'll have an idea closer to the end of the semester before they post what kind of bundle options will be available since they're pretty much the same from semester to semester.

    The bookstore will encourage you to get two uniforms, you really only need one until second semester (if you're at a CCF for Psych) or for 210 when you have two clinical days per week. I would suggest two lab coats since you wear it for two labs a week, plus sometimes in class when it's cold AND sometimes at clinical too.

    I'm going into 210 in the fall.

    Be scared enough to know not to blow things off, but don't be so scared that you don't think you can do it. 114 is relatively easy. 115 is definitely the harder of the two classes. Study and you'll do fine. If you aren't doing fine, seek help right away.
  2. by   L.Smith107
    Quote from jennylouwho
    So, not to scare you but everyone I know spent more than $1k in the bookstore first semester. Add more if you're buying an iTouch (I didn't need one but still spent over $1k!)
    Is it necessary to have an iPod Touch? Like would you recommend it? I have an iPad but it is obviously much larger to be carrying around lol but I just wondered what your opinion was on getting an iPod.

    Thanks for all of the tips though
  3. by   jennylouwho
    One of my classmates takes her ipad to clinical, and I have no idea how it works out for her. For me, I can toss my itouch into my pocket and look things up as I go. It also works on your smart phone, but some hospitals and/or clinical instructors will not allow you to use anything but an itouch, because they're afraid you'll be texting or something. I use it all the time at clinical, and even when I'm studying at school and don't have my laptop. If I had an iphone or another fancy phone, it probably wouldn't be as necessary.
  4. by   jennylouwho
    Oh, and if you don't get the software, you have to buy the books.
  5. by   AgentBeast
    Chances are you won't have much time to use either. And when you do wind up needing some sort of reference most of the hospitals now a days have some sort of drug/reference application on their computers. The Cleveland Clinic facilities actually have two. The Lexi-Comp suite and the Micromedex suite.
  6. by   jennylouwho
    Not all of the hospitals are on computerized charting though. Mercy Allen and Mercy Regional are two hospitals that spring to mind. Also, it's sometimes hard to find a computer available even if the hospital does have computerized charting because everyone else needs to use them as well. I've only been on one unit with computerized charting and the computers that were available that were just there were never really available. You won't have time to spend a lot of time with it, plus, you have to prepare your clinical tool and do your drug cards (or sheets, depends upon clinical instructor), I've had up to 40 drugs to do in one day, and in 115 you don't go the night before, so if you have someone with that many meds, you'll spend a lot of time with a drug manual or the software. And, the drug reference books on the floor have been horribly out of date.
  7. by   snickers21
    Great info Jenny! I can't decide if I want to get an iTouch or not. I know an iPhone or my Droid will use the same software, but like you said, I'm afraid an instructor won't allow me to use it (although, can't you text from an iTouch? what is really the difference?).

    I was thinking of an iPad for the ebooks, however I didn't think an iPad at the clinical site would be practical. I can't afford both.
  8. by   L.Smith107
    I will be at Mercy. I wouldn't mind using my iPad for it, but it would be more of a pain to take with me. I'll make do with it though. Thanks for the information
  9. by   ladylysis
    Seeing everyone's costs, I'm suddenly less unhappy about having to do the program part-time: I get to space that out a bit!

    Since I'm not doing clinicals this semester, I'll hold off on iTouch/iPad considerations - though I would consider an ipad if all of our books were available in that format. Much easier on the back and neck!
  10. by   ladylysis
    Ordered my required texts for 114 on Amazon. Would have been around $225 at the bookstore for new books; I spent $135 not including the syllabus for new or like new.

    115 looks rough; around 450.
  11. by   wantccu
    It's looking like it's going to be about $800 for me (between Amazon and bookstore) for books and supplies... Has anyone gotten their supply bag yet? How much was it? Also, what kind of stethoscopes are you using? I've heard that they're priced much better at Affordable Uniforms - I have no idea what kind to get though - there's so many!!!
  12. by   ladylysis
    I already have a stethoscope, so that's not an issue for me. As a respiratory therapist, I love my Littman Cardiology III. A Littman Select is good, though, and will not run more than ~40 bucks.
  13. by   snickers21
    I just bought the supply bag today $99.95. I haven't opened it yet to see what it includes though.

    I got the Littman Classic II S.E. stethoscope, although you can find them much cheaper than what the bookstore offers them for.

    I am waiting to hear from a professor on her opinion on Nursing Central since the bookstore talked me out of buying it today. I'm thinking they were wrong from her initial response though. *sigh*