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Anyone else out there starting LCCC's RN program this fall? My orientation is May 7th, and I'm starting to get a little nervous!... Read More

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    Sorry if this double posts (lost one!) Were you morning orientation or a low lottery pick Kbrowning? I think they may be going in order - others that were near my lottery number in the afternoon orientation don't have their classes yet, either.

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    I was in morning orientation and I was number 61 in lottery.
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    That's awesome that you were 61 and got your choice! I was midway through the lottery in the afternoon. Hopefully, they'll be up by this afternoon and I'll get my choice, too.
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    It's up! I got my clinical day/time!
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    woohoo! Where are you?
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    Quote from wantccu
    Which nursing unit at Southwest? or don't they say?
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    Quote from Kbrowning3
    Under Academics there is a box that says, other academic.. click it and scroll to class schedule, then you will select the semester, Fall, that should show you your schedule. If says you are not enrolled because that is talking about the Summer schedule. Hope you figure it out!
    Duh, I'm an idiot! Thanks! lol!

    This is the same schedule that I got the round about way, so I guess it is correct. The only issue is this schedule wasn't even on the list we were given. I had 20 in the lottery, so I don't think it was because none of my choices were available. I kind of hope it is correct though, because it says St. John Westshore which were weren't given as an option and it is closer to me. Other than the different hospital, the class times are my first choice.
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    Scott - I'm not sure which unit. Where were you at when you were there?

    Snickers - SJWS was an option not listed on the class list but written on the board in place of another facility (I don't remember which). It did have a unique class schedule, if I remember correctly.
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    ETA - Snickers, Option L (listed as EMH) was St. John's

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