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Anyone else out there starting LCCC's RN program this fall? My orientation is May 7th, and I'm starting to get a little nervous!... Read More

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    I did Stats online and was able to pull off an A - but I WORKED for that A. Like, hours of homework every day. Making it my job to learn the method taught on the video lectures and the method taught in the book and put them together into a method that worked for me. (took chemistry and human growth that semester also- how I made it through without having a breakdown?!?)

    That being said - I know people who took it online and really struggled to pass and more than 2/3 of my online class dropped and/or failed out. If you don't take it seriously, you're not going to pass. If you make it your job to pass, it's definitely doable.

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    Yeah, I'm normally an A student. Math is a sore spot for me, but most people say that stats isn't like normal math. I'm also taking chemistry online. I don't work, and I have kids, but I'll have plenty of time to get the work done during nap time, early morning, and early bedtimes. Hearing that it is possible makes me want to try it. But not sure if I should take the gamble.
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    Quote from ladylysis

    I am strong in math, but learned my lesson when I tried Applied Algebra online. It was awful! I got a great prof for my classroom-based Stats class, and that made all the difference. Unless you are a math goddess, I recommend taking it on campus.
    What professor did you have?
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    It was at a different school (CCC).
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    I'll send you a pm - we're not supposed to mention names on here.
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    I took Stats online and got an A. I did work for it though. I had to take the mid-term and final on campus, but all other exams were online. PM me if you are interested in the professor I took. She gave small video lectures based on the powerpoints for each section which I think really helped me.

    I just took chemistry (not online though) and good luck with the book. I think it sucks, and some of the answers are wrong. :lol There were some online students who came into our lab and the instructor helped them with anything they needed which was nice. He also made extra time for review sessions that were on his days off, again PM me if you need his name.

    Good luck!
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    I want to register for Fall classes while I'm at it. Any recommendations for A&P I or Micro professors?? Is it a bad idea to take those both together??
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    SO - how did everyone's orientation day go? Anyone else feeling overwhelmed!?! After so long, it's hard to comprehend that this is actually happening!

    Jwarnike - I don't think it's a bad thing to take them together... Micro isn't bad at all. Frustrating if you have a professor that gives off the wall exams, but not hard otherwise. I would recommend ------ for A and P. She's not easy and her lab TA sucks, but you will actually learn the material instead of just memorizing it.
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    Jwarnike I sent you a pm with those suggestions.

    wantccu, I too feel overwhelmed. If anything, they managed to scare the crap out of me. lol! I did fairly well in the lottery, so I am *really* hoping I get one of my top choices for clinicals. I have a NCLEX book that I've been reading, and I think I'm going to start going over a math for meds type of book. I also have the previous semesters Fundamental book (I have the 8th edition and we need the 9th of course!) that I'm going to start reading over the summer. I don't want to study, study, but I would like to at least look at some material before fall. I hope it works!
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    I think feeling overwhelmed is the defacto standard after orientation until the end of the first semester of any nursing school. I felt like "holy poo what did I get myself into"
    from orientation up until the last day of first semester. Since then it's sort of old hat and I kind of laugh at the new students freaking out at the start of each new semester.

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