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Starting Lorain County Community College RN - Fall 2012 - page 5

Anyone else out there starting LCCC's RN program this fall? My orientation is May 7th, and I'm starting to get a little nervous!... Read More

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    I just came from the orientation too and boy did they scare me too. I was fine up until they came in and I thought to myself.. "oh gosh.." I'm now trying to get updated on all my vaccines, shot and such. Should've been doing this. What was I thinking! Good luck to you as the semester starts!

    Quote from ladylysis
    If anything, I am *under*whelmed. I will have to pursue the part-time option and was really hoping I could manage it full time.

    The students at the end did a great job of scaring the crap out of me, though!
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    Yeah, the students at the end definitely put a scary spin on it... I just remind myself of all of the people that I know who've made it through nursing school in one piece and it makes me feel better. It's going to be hard work, but I'm sure we'll all be okay!

    Anyone hear anything about their registration yet? I really thought we'd have our classes by now and the wait is killing me!
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    Schedules were up this afternoon on 5/15. So exciting to see the schedule! I am at Lutheran on Wed. Where are you?
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    Excellent thoughts wantccu! You are right, we CAN do this!

    Hmmm, my Student Center says not enrolled in classes, but I am charged for the classes. When I go into my shopping cart it says it is empty, but then shows that I am enrolled in some classes. So I'm not sure if I should count on that schedule or not. LOL!

    I'm trying to get my physical scheduled and I'm worried about the vaccinations because I do not have my shot record. If I could get the nurse to call me back about getting the orders for my titers to be drawn before my physical I'd feel better. I know I need the Tetanus and I'm fairly certain I need the Hep B Series, so I want to get those going. I hope my Dr's office can do the two-step Mantoux test because the Health Department doesn't offer that. I may be in line for a hefty amount of shots!
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    I see my schedule posted! Since I'm part time, I'm enrolled just in NURS 114. Lecture and lab both on Monday evening.
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    ladylysis is your schedule on the main page?

    I hope my schedule isn't screwed up.
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    I don't see mine yet, either!
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    Under Academics there is a box that says, other academic.. click it and scroll to class schedule, then you will select the semester, Fall, that should show you your schedule. If says you are not enrolled because that is talking about the Summer schedule. Hope you figure it out!
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    Sorry if this double posts (lost one!) Were you morning orientation or a low lottery pick Kbrowning? I think they may be going in order - others that were near my lottery number in the afternoon orientation don't have their classes yet, either.
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    I was in morning orientation and I was number 61 in lottery.
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    That's awesome that you were 61 and got your choice! I was midway through the lottery in the afternoon. Hopefully, they'll be up by this afternoon and I'll get my choice, too.
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    It's up! I got my clinical day/time!
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    woohoo! Where are you?

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