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Hi all, I recently applied to Mt. Carmel's 2nd Degree Accelerated Program. I have had my heart set on going there for a few years now, but now I realize my GPA may not be strong enough. Does anyone have any idea of what Mt.... Read More

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    will do!

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    Same! If you don't mind telling, what # are you on the list? I figure when kmzowu gets her call I will know I am only 2 seats away! Good luck guys .
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    i'm number 15, so by the time i hear anything, you guys will already be in! i'm assuming i'm fairly high on the wait list, since the letter said there are less than 30 people on it. fingers crossed!
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    I GOT MY CALL TODAY!!! I ACCEPTED Best of luck to both of you!!!!!
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    Congratulations!! Hopefully buckeyepaige and I arent that far behind! If they're on #8 off the wait list with 4 months to go I'd say we're sitting pretty good!
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    Thanks for the update and congrats!
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    Got my call today! I'm in!
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    Wahoo! Congrats! Looks like I'll be seeing you in December
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    congratulations ladies!! big thanks to both of you for letting me know i've moved up the list
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    I am also on the waitlist! Jamisaurus, I was wondering if you could post on here and let me know if/when you get your call so I can have an idea of where I stand! Thanks

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