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im looking into lpn programs in columbus,and im not sure where to go or start,i was reading up on hondros college and i like that they do the stna in the program and most places make you wait and... Read More

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    Android, no regrets about what I said!

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    Looking for someone who is a current Hondros student. What is the RN program like? is it fast paced?
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    Looking for current Hondros students. Can you tell me if the program is fast paced?? Im also trying to decide between Galen and Hondros??
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    Decide on neither I would say. I did a lot of research and visited both schools, community college is worth the wait, trust me. In my area, unless you have connections or worked as a tech there before, no hospital will hire you with degrees from there.
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    I am currently attending Hondros in West Chester, in the PN program. I read all the reviews and was almost scared away from Hondros because of all the negative reviews I have read on this site. But I'm thankful that I didn't listen! YES Hondros is fast paced, YES you will need to study your but off, YES there is always going to be something wrong with everything! (The world is not all about you, so nothing will be structured just for you! you'll have to adjust!) With that being said, I really enjoy hondros as much as you can enjoy nursing school! NURSING SCHOOL IS NO JOKE, it is seriously stressful, I hardly spend time with my family and I spend NO TIME with my friends. But it only last a short while. to help make the decision on whether or not to attend Hondros make a pros and cons list but please don't go by whatever these reviews say!! yes hondros is more expensive then a community college but not needing prerequisite's make up for it! There is NO waiting list! they have courses offered in Jan, July, and Oct. For the most part the Instructors are AMAZING! And as for not being able to get a job in the hospital as a hondros RN grad, my clinical instructor who graduated from the RN and BSN program works on a mobile cardiac intensive care unit. The instructors all work at Cincy hospitals as well, So I'm not sure why people think that they wont get a job in hospitals in which the instructors actually work for!! Either way YOU will have to make that decision on your own
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    I know this is an old thread, but Hondros is a good school! I work with plenty of people who attended and had no problems getting hired. Most of them are at great hospitals. I am doing homecare. In fact when I finish I will have an awesome job waiting for me as an RN. Someone mentioned in another topic that you must pass the HESI exit in order to graduate. That is not true. They did away with HESI and use ATI. You take a mock ATI in NUR 296, but you aren't required to get a passing grade to pass the class. It just gives you an idea of how you will do on your NCLEX. I have a friend who just completed the RN program in March and she said that yes, you do do a comprehensive test, but it doesn't determine if you pass the class. They have a 3 day NCLEX review in that class as well. I think it is new.
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    Oh and to those who say Hondros grads do not get hired in hospitals. That is a bunch of crap and I can't believe so many people think that. I have two friends who are former students from the RN program who work at hospitals. One is employed at Reid in Richmond on the ortho unit and she was asked to teach some classes there at the hospital. So she can't be that terrible of a nurse. And the other friend works for Springfield. Hondros has made major changes and I have no regrets going there! People need to stop bashing it. Oh and when I say changes I mean a lot of these posts were from 1 to 2 years ago. So it is different now. They have CCNE accreditation. It is just as good as ACEN as far as I know.
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    Quote from ison
    Looking for current Hondros students. Can you tell me if the program is fast paced?? Im also trying to decide between Galen and Hondros??
    I am in Term 4 out of 6. It is a fast paced program, but it is good! Galen is very expensive. If you are considering going there, I would do my pre-reqs at a community college and then see if they transfer. It would save you so much time and money.
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    I graduated from Hondros ADN and BSN PRI
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    Hello everyone! I went and spoke with someone from the Fairborn campus today about the LPN to RN program. I was impressed. They no longer require the HESI and they accept other college credits which will cut out about 6 of my classes. The one thing I am worried about it my loans, I know that it is expensive but I cannot pay a monthly payment if my loans don't cover everything. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it all works out and I can start my RN this October.
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