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Reporting abuse in Ohio

  1. 0 Does anyone know if, as an RN, one is legally obligated to report sexual abuse of a minor in the State of Ohio? I was not this person's nurse nor did she disclose the information to me personally. I know of a situation (outside of work) and I'm not sure if I am required to report this. I've searching the BON website, but I havent stumbled upon anything. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
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    You are mandated legally to report abuse of a minor.

    But, even if you weren't legally required, if this were your child, wouldn't you want someone to report it? One only has to look east to Pennsylvania as an example of adults turning their heads and ignoring child sexual abuse.
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    I have already taken steps to helping this individual and getting the rape crisis center and teen violence center involved. Please dont think that I'm just sitting around with this information and not doing anything with it. Unfortunately, the example of 'if this were my child' falls short here because her mother knows about the abuse and hasnt done anything to prevent it. It's really sad.
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    You have not met the legal mandate. Many mothers who know about abuse don't take steps to prevent it.

    Do the right thing. Do the legally mandated thing.
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    #4 0 enforcement is involved. She is not pressing charges. Can you provide the source via a link or something that says an RN is legally mandated to report? Thanks.
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    Ohio Revised Code 2151.421, Reporting Child Abuse or Neglect
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    It looks like Ohio is one of those states that doesn't specify that you're a mandated reporter only if you gain the information in your professional role.
    Here is a link to the handy searchable federal database of all the state mandatory reporter statutes: